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I ran Toward One at a convention (with the errata you kindly provided upon request) and it seems everybody had a good time. Players came for the charming setting blurb and because they liked the idea of rivalry or competition between sects. They stayed for the numerology angle and the opportunity for some tongue-in-cheek satire. It was several hours of simple, light-hearted fun which definitely felt fresh - as opposite to most fantasy games played at conventions feeling stale to me these days. If not for the late hour, we would have gone on and on.

I now realize we botched the final confrontation rules:
The Final Confrontation: [...] Make 3 consecutive rolls: [...] If you beat it in all three rolls, you've trapped it. [...] If you don't beat the Jinn in all three rolls, ignore the results of the rolls you did win, use all of your successes in the roll you lost to negate the Jinn's successes, and take Suffering for the successes the Jinn had over yours.
I assume to "beat" the jinn means to get more successes than it gets. Is that the only thing we check for? Do "excess" successes do anything?
Of course, you don't want to manipulate the jinn anymore. On "regular" rolls, you're dealt Suffering according to the jinn's successes, by default, unless you negate those. It seems very lenient that, in the final confontation, you can never suffer when victorious - only when defeated. I mistakenly treated final confrontation rolls like any other roll, but this lead to mystics collecting an inane amount of Bonuses from them (this felt wrong, and I now realize it shouldn't have happened by the RAW).

Also, what happens after you fail a final confrontation? Can your try again against the same jinn? Can another mystic try capturing it?

One more question:
For Suffering type 4, penalizing an Ally: [...]
2 Successes: The Ally is in some physical. social, or personal danger. Your next scene must be to go to her aid.
I used this once, but then we played the follow-up scene like any old regular scene, with a roll vs. the jinn (which did feel appropriate in the moment). This way, the "suffering" I had inflicted ended up being no penalty at all: in fact, the mystic involved did manipulate her mark right to Numerological Value 1 right in that rescue scene.
What would have happened if the mystic had rolled fewer successes than the jinn in that scene - was her ally's safety still part of the stakes? Should the "rescue" scene be one where you don't roll any dice, instead - essentially a "wasted" turn?
Also, could you opt not to go to your ally's aid, and what would happen then?


  • Oh lord I have no idea.
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    Ah ah ah ah! Well, it is a game from 15 years ago, to be fair. XD Have you played it much at all?

    Edited to add: FYI it was pointed by someone at the table that this could also work (almost as written) for a totally legit Sailor Moon game.
  • I played it, like, once or twice, 15 years ago. So, not much at all, no!
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