Help me brainstorm a dungeon of the eight schools

Instead of "A Wizard Did It," how about if "Wizard*s*" did it? My idea is to have a dungeon with eight sections, all more or less equally accessible, that each get harder as you go deeper into them, so the party can choose how to go about things. Each section, of course, was designed by an archmage of each of the eight D&D schools.

So... brainstorming. What would the low, medium, and high-level challenges be for the level designed by the Abjurer, Diviner, Evoker, etc?

I started this same thread on, true, but got few ideas there. One good thing that came out of that discussion, however, is to have each "tier" only open up once all eight of the lower tiers are cleared, or maybe 6/8 of them or something. So you can't go Illusionist Low --> Medium --> High, because you'll get killed. So there's a barrier that simply prevents the party from going into the Medium zone of *any* section of the dungeon until they've cleared enough of the Low zones.


  • i've got nothing. but just to start the dialog

    abjuration, super super protected and buff creatures. like put in animals here. think cards like glorious anthem and circle of protection red. i mean buffing buffs are enchantment and protecting buffs are abjuration.

    conjuration: put in lots of walls that can appear suddenly to block things off

    illusion: maze time! twisty little passages, all alike. and some walls are illusory. also fear spells.

    divination: it knows what the party's going to do. what traps can benefit from that? maybe it can use the school of divination's ability to replace dice rolls

    necro should be obvious (skeletons en masse) whereas for evocation i've got nothing.

    transmutation the party's supplies are turned to hair. like their water skins are now filled with long gross strands

    i'm also a big fan of one thing being different. maybe one of the schools' section is already blown wide open. evocation's section is just a big crater.

    ps divination is usually my fave school
  • Evocation could be focused on elements in different phases, I imagine stuff like diving into water to dodge periodic fireballs, opening pits to drain a chamber of cloudkill, directing a cone of cold to a pool to freeze the surface etc.
  • Necromancy:
    You enter a room whose only adornment is an ornate full-length mirror and a small table with a flask with a noxious looking liquid in it. As you gaze into it, all you can focus on on are your frailties, your mortal imperfections. Your reflection begins to age rapidly before your eyes, your hair greying, your skin sagging, your back begins to hunch over, wracked with coughing fits. You realize you're the one coughing: you pull your hand away from your mouth, it's stained with blood. You feel death hovering over you.

    Your eyes jump to the table, to the flask. Drink it, a voice inside your head tells you, drink and yours will be a life eternal. Or else face the inevitability of your own death. If the character drinks it, they end up gaining some kind of undead template. If not, they get hit with a significant level drain, ability score loss, or something of the sort. Either way the challenge is completed.
    2097 said:

    i'm also a big fan of one thing being different. maybe one of the schools' section is already blown wide open. evocation's section is just a big crater.

    This is so good ♥
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