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So I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a room at the Embassy Suites this GenCon. Having never stayed there before, can someone fill me in on (1) how much the rooms go for and (2) what the layout is...number of beds, pull-outs, etc. I'm trying to figure out how many people can split a room comfortably (i.e. without sleeping on the floor or something).


  • Our suite last year had 2 queen beds and a sofa bed. There were two rooms and 1 bathroom. I don't know how much per person it cost. Tony would be able to give you that info I think.
  • My room had two queens and a pullout, as Gaerik describes. We had 5 people, IIRC, (two per queen and one on the pullout), and I think I ended up paying 25 or 30 bucks a night. Don't quote me on that, my memory is notoriously bad for this kind of thing. Brennan Taylor was the pointman for my room.

    So, 6 people could split one comfortably for not too much per person.
  • Hi Andrew,

    I was one of the folks in Nathan's room and he has it right, 5 people was $25 a person. I would expect it to be somewhere in that neighborhood this year. There was also a table with tight room for four or if you pulled it over to the couch six. So gaming in rooms is possible, if you don't want to play in the loud common area after hours.
  • That's awesome. I ended up paying like three times that for my room last year.

    Clyde, I was very confused by your comments, and trying to imagine four to six people sleeping on a table, until I figured out what you were really saying there. Sometimes, my brain just doesn't work.
  • *grins* The written word is not my best medium.
  • If my memory isn't lapsing it cost about $750 all told for wednesday through saturday nights. Split that by what numbers you recruit for a room, obviously. That's a hellaciously good price, to my way of thinking, given the size of the room and the proximity to the event. I'll certainly be going there again, without question.
  • Heya,

    Have the prices for GenCon booths gone up this year? Check this out:

    Standard 10X10 $1,095
    Corner 10X10 $1,290
    TCG/Minis Hall 10X10 $1,320
    End cap 10X20 $2,640
    4-booth peninsula 20X20 $5,335
    6-booth peninsula 30X20 $7,645
    8-booth peninsula 40X20 $10,035
    10-booth peninsula 50X20 $12,430

    And those are the earlybird specials. I don't have the '06 packet from last year, but man, these seem a whole lot higher. Anyone else remember what they cost last year?


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    It is a bit higher than last year, and incrementally more so for the bigger booths. Here's the 2006 early-bird pricing:

    Standard 10X10 $995
    Corner 10X10 $1,175
    TCG/Minis Hall 10X10 $1,200
    End cap 10X20 $2,400 $2,640
    4-booth peninsula 20X20 $4,750
    6-booth peninsula 30X20 $6,950
    8-booth peninsula 40X20 $9,125
    10-booth peninsula 50X20 $11,300
    4-booth island 20X20 $5,620
    6-booth island 30X20 $8,000
    8-booth island 40X20 $10,400
    10-booth island 50X20 $12,750
  • 10% across the board. Presumably they don't do that every year?
  • Gen Con probably expects demand to increase with the folding of E3. Likely there will be even more MMO companies than last year as the ones who were there seemed to be gathering a good amount of attention from convention goers. You figure a customer is worth near to $200 to $250 a year in subscription and game software purchases for those companies, without adding in word of mouth.
  • So comparing this years exhibit hall to last years exhibit hall it looks like I may be partially right about the raise in price. They've added a huge section for electronic games that is about 6 or 7 times the size of last year's WoTC booth. They've also increased the total size of the hall by somewhere near the same amount, so expect more sneaker-wear than last year. I bet if expanding the hall wasn't an option the price increase would be a good deal more than 10%.
  • Hm, when can one order a room in the Embassy Suites, and how?

    They definitely seem to be everyone's choice around here.

    Yar, me going to GC 2k7! :D
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    EDIT: Crap, forgot how to whisper.
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