And story game conventions/events in mainland Europe?

Looking for events to play story games and meet other players/designers. Most RPG conventions in Europe seem to happen in Germany but even then, they're the Runescape/Pathfinder kind of conventions.

Is anyone aware of any story/narrative game conventions or events that happen in mainland Europe?


  • In Italy we have quite a lot of small, dedicated ones. They don't usually feature a prearranged event track in English (or any language other than Italian), but that can usually be accommodated knowing someone's coming from abroad. I've taken care of that before. :)
  • Fastaval, Denmark?
  • 3W6, an Austrian podcast dedicated to indie rpgs are doing their first 3W6 Con in Vienna this fall.
  • has a meetup twice a year at Jugendburg Hessenstein. We do much indie.
    Next is September 20th -23rd this year.
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    I guess Sweden is a bit out of your scope. But if you want to meet and hang out with Swedish designers, trad/indie/OSR, GothCon is the place to be. Gothenburg on Easter every year.
  • France has got quite a number of conventions, with a multitude types of games played. The games are primarily played in French, though. Conventions can be found there :
  • How about Essen?
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