Inside the LARPs that let human players experience AI life

I finally wrote and published the feature story I've been planning since first playing Brodie Atwater's Here Is My Power Button back in September 2018. (I asked the community here for input back then, and it was very helpful, so cheers for that.)

I think it's probably more suited to this group than to the outlet where I published it, which demonstrably has a lot of people interested in gaming and AI, but not necessarily a lot of people interested in game mechanics or how indie games explore empathy and catharsis. I spent a lot of time explaining to my editors why people might want to play a game where they serve other people's emotional needs, or where they experience fear or sadness.

If you happen to know any other gaming or LARPing communities that'd be interested in this look at AI games, I'd appreciate you spreading it around. I'd love for it to find the right audience, on behalf of the designers who built these games and who were so generous with their time in discussing them with me.


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