Post G+ Story Gamer Social Media?

Where are all the story gamers at?


  • Yo! We're here!
  • We also have Discord servers, if you want to DM for an invite to one.
  • What makes you say that @2097 ? I use it a lot with friends for online role-playing and it works outstandingly for us.
  • I've got sort of an open source hangup (like Vanilla, which Story Games forums use). I'm sorry for lashing out. :bawling:
  • I've only used Discord for "chat room" style discussion and video calls. Is there a more serious/permanent way to have discussions there?
  • Well, this. SG was here before G+ and it is still here. I'm on Mewe too. But things are slower there than G+ were in the good old days. Though, for deeper discussions I prefer forums over the shout-in-passing nature of G+, Facebook, Mewe and such.
  • There is a little activity on Diaspora (particularly the Pluspora server), and on Mastodon ( or but not a lot on either. Definitely not enough. Also there is some discussion happening on the Gauntlet forums, and the tabletop designer forums.
  • I’ve been thinking of joining Mastodon. It seems more of a Twitter space, though — short messages, broadcast, all public — not really a substitute for G+ or a forum. Anyone want to share their addresses?
  • @snej something like that would be more my speed, Diaspora or Mastodon. I haven't kept up with this tech, I had a account in the way back time. Mostly I've been happy enough with email and xmpp. My own group has our cobbled together private discussion server (a mashup of dudle.rb and dokuwiki.php with some custom lisp bots doing the boring scheduling work).
  • Synchronous chat systems have their place I guess but they're an atrocious way to have a reasoned discussion about things, IMO. I have been waiting to see where the smart kids end up, I spend most of my time listening to them anyway and thinking my own thoughts.
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    (Also, wasn’t there another thread about all this a month or two ago?)
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    Chat can be great for spontaneous conversation that covers a wide range of linked topics. Sometimes it lacks focus, though. The major drawback is that if I'm not there to catch the conversation in the moment, I will likely never even be aware it happened.

    I'm certainly not going to scroll through earlier messages to see if anything interesting was discussed. That works for actual discussion boards where you can easily look at topic titles, but not for chat.

    Add to that the apparent fact that discord is not indexed by search engines. A lot of potentially useful info is not easily found if you're googling.

    As for G+, while I miss the people, I don't really miss the place as a format. Its only advantages were that it had a critical mass of people, and that it was indexed by search engines. I guess that somewhat made up for the constant self promotion and drive-by linking that plagued communities.
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    *tried to fix typos on my screed above*
  • I’ve been thinking of joining Mastodon. It seems more of a Twitter space, though — short messages, broadcast, all public — not really a substitute for G+ or a forum. Anyone want to share their addresses?
    While I'm liking Mastodon myself (though I'm afraid it's diverting my attention away from this here forum, which I still like more than anything) I've noticed friends of mine trying to organize a "G+ roleplayer exodus" to Friendica, which is an open source platform somewhat resembling Facebook and federates with Mastodon as part of the ActivityPub Fediverse (I'm probably saying it horribly wrong from a technical standpoint; still, what it means in practice is it's one network you can access via several services which are different in look & feel and even in purpose to a degree).

    Those people are attempting to rally around the #gplusRPG tag. I'm happy to again be sharing a network with them all! (I've long been opposed to "walled garden" style, corporate-run social networks)
  • MeWe has become my gaming news hub since I can stay up to date on multiple groups ala G+. More story game oriented traffic would be nice. I would have no problem with cross posting if folks are keen on that.
  • We are (still) here!
    A lot of people proclaimed the death of traditional forums vs modern social media. Now, G+ is dead and my old SG posts are still here.

    For me nowadays, it's a mix of forums like story-games for real discussions and Twitter for news updates.
  • Good to know about the options out there! I'll have to check out Mastodon and Pluspora. Discord is great for live chatting.

    I wonder if the death of G+ will create a more fractured community, and as a side effect, more deviation of ideas and trends. Tower of babble style.
  • My feeling is that a lot of the conversation has moved to closed or paywall circles. This is really a shame but I'm also guilty. So...
  • There are chat addons for Vanilla, and a lot other social media and sharing plugins that could be added here to make the G+ refugees feel more at home. Vanilla has a lot of flexibility. Someone should ask Andy or James.
  • MeWe doesn't seem to be open source either. Vanilla is pretty awesome, I've been thinking of setting a version of it up to have some sorta comment section on my own blog. Except it looks super difficult to do that :bawling:
  • I've been posting RPG stuff mixed in with all kinds of other weird posts to my blog but today I made a separate page for just RPG stuff.

    For the old view of all kinds of stuff, it's still here.
  • In addition to Twitter and various forums, I've returned to using RSS feeds. I'm using Flym and spaRSS to keep me up-to-date on various RPG blogs.
  • OK. That motivated me to create an RSS feed for my RPG stuff.
    Not saying that you BeePeeGee have to go subscribe but it's better that I have a feed for it than not having a feed for it, right?

    For my all-kinds-of-stuff feed, it's the same as always
  • Subscribed!
  • @2097 Thanks, Sandra. I've just added your page to my RSS feed!
  • @BeePeeGee Could you tell us some of the other feeds you are watching? Please
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    I'm not BeePeeGee, but here are the story game related RSS feeds that I follow (in reverse alphabetical order):

    The Walking Mind


    Playing at the World

    The Indie RPG Pipeline

    Indie Games on Demand

    The Githyanki Diaspora

    Deeper in the Game

    Brad J. Murray

    Ars Ludi

    Analog Game Studies
  • @NickWedig Thanks that was awesome!

    Is WalkChewGum an RSS feed? I couldn't find it on my reader or the site.
  • Sorry, the RSS feed for the site is apparently here:

    (I've edited the post above to reflect that.)
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