[WARG] Playtest Document + Playtest Campaign

Hey Story Games.

I made a thing. I need to playtest it before I go any further.

Get it here: http://wondrousadventure.com/warg

It's kind of like mixture of Knave and World of Dungeons and Freebooters and D&D. It's mostly for my own edification and so I can run the exact game I want to run, but it would be fun to eventually get a cool looking book printed. Before that I need to finish up the rules and make sure there is nothing that sucks.

So I'm planning on running a West Marches style playtest campaign, open to pretty much everyone. The general plan to is run a session every week, alternating between online sessions over Roll20 or something, and in-person playtests here in Salt Lake City.

This coming week is going to be the first playtest session, in-person downtown SLC. The following week, I'll be running an online session that anyone here is invited to. I'll post details soon.

Edit: Fixed typos in PDF.


  • Oh, I like this a lot. Most of the other details/elements are fairly familiar, or taken from other games, but I'd like to spotlight the "Player's Guide" section as well as the directions for how to run the game as being exemplary. Wonderfully done! The Principles, Agenda, and so forth for players made me smile a lot as a beautiful little guide on how to play.

    I'll play online if I'm free!

    One thing that might suck: the achievements/advancements are "unlocked" by stuff that happens in play... but that stuff is really hard to track (e.g. rolling the maximum on a damage die). That could be annoying (or sometimes even impossible!). There's also no easy way to reference this easily, other than reading through the whole list.
  • Glad you like it, Paul! :smiley:

    I think you're right about the special ability achievement unlocks. I might start a new thread or two to discuss some problematic ideas and see if anyone has any pointers.
  • I was trying to think of an easy solution, but there really isn't one. Best I've got is to list them all on the character sheet, organized as topically as possible (e.g. all special abilities unlocked in combat together, all abilities unlocked by getting hurt together, etc.).
  • @Paul_T Good call; been pondering it for the past few days too. Going to go with it for now and see if we can recognize a better way during play.

    As far as the playtest session goes, I think I'm going to start with a PbP game over at this website: https://www.rolegate.com/warg

    Seems like a cool platform to play on. The reason I'm going with this option is because this forces me put all necessary instructions/explanations in writing, as opposed to just saying them to the players in a live session.

    Anyone here, feel free to join the session! General concept is a west-marches style sandbox campaign. The map will be populated with dozens of old-school modules remixed and re-organized, plus a bunch of original content. General focus for this session is to identify and correct confusing/insufficient information, confirm the systems don't drop the ball anywhere, and fine tune some of the math if needed.
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