For a good six or seven years or so, I didn't use Story Games much. What brought me back a few years ago were folks' descriptions of the particular ways that their groups played Dungeons and Dragons, particularly Eero and Sandra.

I'd love to hear about more folks' particular D&D idioms. The community here is super small, though. So, in a probably doomed attempt, I started a Reddit sub-forum to talk about ways of playing D&D.

Most likely it will go nowhere! Hopefully it will go somewhere! If any of you would like to contribute, I'd love to see what you have to show :)



  • That's a nice idea, I think the topic definition is solid: not too wide, not too narrow. I particularly like the expansive definition of "D&D" and the emphasis on local creative responsibility over corporate RAW. Hopefully it'll catch on.
  • Have you seen the Grey Sands discussions, Adam Dray’s threads, or Deliverator’s threads? All also very good!
  • I made a couple of posts using an alias; I don't like reddit (which is not open source) as much as vanilla (which is), but I did already have an account. My one social media account :bawling:

    Jeph darl, if this is inspired by Eero's stuff and my stuff, why are there no linx to my stuff? Is it too disorganized & all over the place? Or is there some other reason?
  • I wasn't sure you'd appreciate me linking to your materials without permission! Not terribly sure why I thought of that as a concern regarding you but not Eero or Jay... maybe because they've used people's full names when talking about their games, Eero's own name and Jay's GM's, but you've more thoroughly preserved a level of anonymity.

    I'd love to add a link though! Should I attribute it to 2097 or Sandra or your reddit screen name? Is there a canonical thread or doc that you consider most representative or, like, the best primer on your style?
  • Thank you Jeph!
    Please use my art name Idiomdrottning and the url https://idiomdrottning.org/rpg
    I'll put up some more canonical threads & primers in the future, the house rules thread is so out of date with how we play it now. I have it all in our internal campaign wiki and I want to export it out to my blog's format when I find the time and then it'll show up there and/or maybe you could link to it more directly

    BTW thank you again, this is much appreciated.
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    Hey Jeph, I don't know too much about subreddit formatting, but you should see if you can get the full sidebar working in "old reddit" display. It's only showing the first paragraph there.

    I normally use the old display so I didn't see all the links (or the rules, for that matter) until you and Sandra mentioned them here.

    Edit to add: the sidebar choices are pretty great, it's like all the most inspiring D&D posts in the world in one place... I <3 Tales of Wyre
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