Vanilla or not?

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So, which stylesheets are are we all using to view the forums?

I was on Vanilla, but I've just started goofing around with the other styles.

Anyone got a particular favourite?


  • I like Root Light, but I wish the background for posts was white (or a MUCH lighter gray). It's just not contrasty enough for prolonged reading. So I'm back to Vanilla. The others don't do anything for me.
  • Using Vanilla root/light, which looks rather nice on my mac.
  • I'm using Root Light too. I also wish that the background was lighter grey.

    Someday there will be a perfect stylesheet. That day is not here.
  • I experimented with all the options, but ended up sticking with Vanilla as it has both the level of thread topic and new post contrast that works for me. The readability seems to be an issue as well, as the other sheets had features I found distracting.

  • I use the green one. Love myself some green. Though the contrast could be a bit stronger, too. Dark green = awesomtastic.
  • I flip between Clockwork Green, Purple, and Root Light. That root light motherfucker does some amazing CSS...
  • Just using the default one that was here from the begining. Is that Vanilla?


  • Andy, is there any chance that you could dig into Root Light and lighten the text-background gray? It doesn't seem like it should be too hard, and that seems the common complaint of Root Light users (myself included)
  • I'm vacillating between Vanilla, the blue style, and light Root. Dark Root renders blockquotes better, though.

  • Andy -

    I modified Root Light's CSS file to make the comment boxes lighter for folks.

    The URL on my server is:

    To everyone else - DON'T drop this URL into the 'use custom stylesheet' box on the stylesheet page. It doesn't work because there are a lot of linked files that the style needs that aren't in the folder with that file.

    I am, however, working on a new stylesheet for the forums, just for the hell of it.
  • Hey dude- When you finish it, please email me (in case I miss the thread) and point me to your CSS diretcory so that I can test it out. If it flies, it's in!

    Note: There was that one "Rage" by, IIRC, either the Clockwork guy or the Root guy. Unfortunately, it couldn't fly, because for and tags would generate white backgrounds, and the white text inside was not readable. Just to make sure that whatever you hammer out also takes those tags into consideration.

    Thanks man!

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