Any Terran Trade Authority Actual Play?

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I just (I mean just) got my copy of the Terran Trade Authority RPG in hand. I am pretty much more excited than I should be allowed to be.

Has anyone given it a shot yet? I would love to hear about it if so..

Pardon me whilst I re-bury my head in the book.



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    Interesting - the artwork from that game's site reminds me of a picture book of fanciful, fictional spaceships i read in high school. But it couldn't be the same, could it? That was seven or eight years ago...

    Edit: Upon further reading, it *is* the same universe! Kinda cool that they made an rpg out of it.
  • And even more cool that Cowley (original author of those books) writes the forward...

    The book is gorgeous too...

  • Dude, once you have some first impressions, please post them here! I'd love to hear more about it, as I'm pretty clueless about it, even after peeking at the website.

  • If folks don't know, it's over here. You can buy it over here.

    I'm deeply skeptical after a chat with one of the designers like, I dunno, a year ago. Keep in mind; I have all of the original books, plus most of the "Stephen Caldwell" apocrypha, so I may be an unpleasable fan. But my impression about the game, as a game, was that they decided to answer all the mysteries and resolve all the implications into fact in order to make it a game. Plus, it uses a GM fiat-heavy, task resolution system that feels like it will get in the way of engaging play.

    I say that not to be discouraging, but to issue a challenge: I want to be wrong. The designer is a really nice guy (at least from our conversations) and I want him to succeed. Please hit us up with some AP that shows me to be an overly prissy fan and a system snob.

    Even given that, much of the art is new, done with CGI instead of airbrush and the artist looks like he had a good time doing this. Since the art is what got everyone into it in the first place (the art was preëxisting and retrofit into a storyline, sometimes poorly), I think it's worth it just for the pics. I'm not sure the core book has the same aesthetic standards as the other books, but if they approach the originals, the pictures alone are worth the price of admission.

  • My public library had a couple of TTA books when I was a kid. I think they were filed alongside true fact books about real-world spacecraft instead of "science fiction" or "art books," but I guess I'm enriched for somebody having made the mistake. At the time I found them, the starting events on the future history timeline already looked suspiciously implausible.
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    I want [Edit: Have ordered] this game, but looking at their site, I see a few interesting Items I want. It looks like it's been a while since the site has been updated. Any news of the company?
  • They're pretty active over at Hatrax is deeply involved.

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    Hi Penn42--

    I played in a demo of it late last year. It seems like pretty traditional mid-eighties GDW stuff; you've got your attributes and your skills and uniform task resolution system and so forth. It was a fun game, but I think we could've had that same good time playing Traveler or Star Frontiers or whatever.

    TTA seems like kind of a weird and agenda-less property. Other SF games are about something -- Star Trek is about strange new worlds, Star Wars is about fighting the good fight, Traveler is about getting paid, etc. For me, TTA is about ... trippy full-color artwork. And the core book is black and white, so I was pretty meh about it.

    edit: apparently the PDF and a special collectible edition are actually in color, so meh to me.
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