EndGame April MiniCon (4/7/2007)

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It's that time again!

I _just_ started accepting GM submissions, and am 2/3s full already!

Details can be found on the MiniCon Homepage.

I would like to call out one game that I am really pulling for:

Game System: The Prince's Kingdom
Scenario Name: For a Mother's Love (A Good Omens Production)
GM: Chad Lynch
Variations: None
Power Level:N/A
Number of Players: 6 of 6 seats available (zero people on waiting list)
Characters provided? Yes

Description: The Princes' Kingdom is a game in which you and your friends act out the adventures of children in faraway lands. These lands are all across an ancient ocean, and are all ruled by a wise king. You play the king's children, princes and princesses, sent out to explore the kingdom and help out the citizens. The kingdom is very large, made up of hundreds of islands, and so the king sends out his princes to survey it and find out what sort of problems people have across the lands, so that they may one day be wise rulers themselves. This is a young player event with the age recommendations between aprox. ~ 8-12 yrs old. Adults/Parents are welcome but should be accompanied by a child!

If you have some children that have wanted to try a role-playing game, but haven't had the opportunity, this is a wonderful chance to do just that.

Anywho, see ya there!
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