GenCon 07 Games On Demand / IGE

Kat and I have been in touch with GenCon about securing table space and promotional opportunities for the Indie Games Explosion and Games On Demand. I’d like to discuss these two things separately, as the registration deadline for events is very early in April, and we’d like to get these finalized as soon as possible.

The Indie Games Explosion at GenCon is a collection of scheduled events of independent RPGs being run at the con. If you would like to run a scheduled event as part of the Indie Games Explosion, please contact Kat’s e-mail (whim at enter dot net) as soon as possible. If you run enough games, you can have the cost of your GenCon attendee badge refunded (does NOT apply to exhibitor badges). At the present time, only one person has sent us events to be included in the Explosion. This looks like a tiny Explosion compared to previous years, and we invite you to join us and run some great games!

Games On Demand was a big experiment last year. The idea is simple: Show up at a table with an indie game you want to play. Maybe there will be some folks there willing to play it with you. Turn in a generic ticket and PLAY. At GenCon 2006, we learned about how the idea worked in practice and hope to expand it this year.

Games On Demand works because of the Table Custodians who collect the tickets, run some of the games, connect players with GMs, play in some of the games, and generally have a good time. However, at the moment, NO ONE has volunteered to be a Table Custodian for Games On Demand 2007. This is a big problem. Without Table Custodians, Games On Demand cannot function.

The Games On Demand tables run on three 4-hour shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday—they are 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm, 6pm to 10pm. Sunday has a single shift from 10am to 2pm. That’s ten shifts. If Kat and I each take one, that leaves eight unfilled shifts. If we don’t have volunteers for those shifts by next Sunday, March 25, there will be no Games On Demand at GenCon this year.

Furthermore, if we are only able to get one Table Custodian per shift, Games On Demand will operate on the same scale it did last year. If we want to expand, we need more Table Custodians.

If you want to be part of one of the coolest events at GenCon, you can sign up for a specific shift in this thread, or by e-mail to Kat (whim at enter dot net). Thanks!


  • Hi there,

    Sign me up for Friday from 2pm to 6pm to staff the table. I'll get in touch with Kat about running games.

  • Judd needs me to help with his booth, and I don't know what that schedule is. However I'd be willing to run a slot or two somewhere between 11 am and before the hall closes.
  • Hey, Michael -- What timeline do you need volunteers on? I want to organize a Forge Booth presence at IGE/GOD but, of course, we don't even know who's at the booth yet.

  • I just emailed, volunteering to be a Table Custodian for Saturday 2-6 & Sunday 10-2.
  • Yo, I already volunteered in this thread back in Feb, but people keep forgetting me for some reason. I'm not doing a booth at GenCon and will be glad to help with IGE and GOD as much as you folks need me, in whatever slots are open at the end. Just plug me in wherever. I've been running one-shot indie games all year with StoryGames Boston, so I feel totally confident about being able to run most published indie games on the spot.
  • Hi Everyone:

    I have the GoD schedule posted up at the community livejournal
    you can veiw it here:

    It looks like I'm going to be dropping the 6pm-10pm slot do to a lack of interest in anyone working this slot.
    The yellow side is still up in the air and the blue side is as people have requested. I am still in need of two slots 10am -2pm saturday and 10am-2pm Sunday.

    I'm also going to be posting this onto the forge.

    The deadline for registering events at gencon is April 6th.
  • Kat,

    I'll take Friday, 10 am - 2 pm and Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm.
  • yay! thanks Rob.
    I'l Update the schedule.
    MSM said he was ok with his other shift as well.

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