Glass beads in games

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I'm looking for a good place to buy those melted glass blobs that are used in several games. Does anyone know a cheap source for these? I'm mostly looking for black and white ones, but I might also want red and blue.


  • I dont know if its any help but in Australia we can get them from Bunnings which is a massive hardware store - They are in the landscaping supplies area with all the water fountains and stuff. I guess you can get them from interior decorator supplies stores too. I get them for about AU $5 for 250 of them.
  • Jason Morningstar said something once about looking for places that supply artists: They won't be all uniform of size like Magic the Gathering health beads and stuff, but you can get a Fuckload for Cheap.
  • Craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels would have them. Those are probably the artist stores Jason was talking about. I really don't see them being carried at a real artist supply store like Pearl or Utrecht.

    Pet stores might have something similar in the aquarium section.

    Dollar stores might be worth investigating.
  • Places I've found them:

    -Loomis Art Supplies
    -This "discount store" near my house
    -some dollar stores
    -the landscaping section of some hardware/home depot kind of stores.
    -IKEA (sort of.)
  • I got mine at Walmart. They were like a couple of dollars per metric ton like most things at Walmart.
  • I recommend buying them from roleplaying shops for an incredible markup.

    Or Ikea. I now have more than I'd ever use if I threw them away after each game.

  • I used to get them from a specialty art glass store in Seattle, where they had ten gallon drums of them for some absurdly low bulk price. Apparently fused glass artists use them. I have not been able to find a similar place (or good deal) on line.
  • If you want a game to go with those beads, pick up Pente at a game store.
  • Aquarium stores my good man. Aquarium stores. Cheap, buy it by the pound, lots of colors.
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