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Today I just found my favorite new local (Lansing, MI) game store. It's just opening up, but it's set up really nicely with lots of space to play games, both on the floor and in private rooms, and the owner seems to really love games. I spoke to him for a short while, and gave him the link to IPR, but I'm figuring that might be at least a bit overwhelming to somebody that has absolutely no idea about anything small press.

In short, I'm trying to come up with the best way to package/present information about the some of the types of small press games out there, to kind of give him a foothold to start from. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey, I'm in Lansing too! He's finally opened, has he?
  • I'd have him ping the guys at Endgame Oakland, who are retailers doing it cluefully right. Chris's sales threads here might pique your new store owner's interest.
  • What is the name of the store?

    I like to extend a helping hand to any local new game stores whenever I can. A new store just opened up in Flint as well.

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group
  • reaction...

    I stopped in today (Evolution Games) and gave him (Mike) a fairly extensive pitch about Indie gaming, promising to run Cat, Prime Time Adventures and Dogs in the Vineyard (to name a few) over the next few months. Depending on what I get to play at Midwest Forge, I'd like to add Spirit of the Century, 1001 Nights and Burning Wheel to that list.

    I agree though, that a short reference guide to Indie gaming would be a huge help.
  • Yeah, I've been poking around a little bit online, and clipmarking some stuff from Chris Hanrihan's post about sales figures and some choice bits from the Indie RPG awards. Let me know if anybody else has any suggestions/shameless promotion/etc.

  • I think Brennan at IPR is putting together an "Outies Award bundle" for all the small press stuff that got mentioned in Ken Hite's 2006 Outies Awards. Might be a good way for the retailer to grab a spread of good stuff.

  • Thanks for the nice comments above.

    Anytime y'all are working with a store, I am happy to help on your behalf. Stocking Story Games, ain't easy...and if some stores are slightly hesitant, perhaps I can help them past a steep learning curve.

    My email address is

    Just lemme know.

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