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Conspiracy of Shadows: Betrayal
Issue 1 of 5
Written & Illustrated by Keith Senkowski

24 Pages
Black & White
Available in August

There is a war going on beneath the streets of Borva. Brave men fight for their people and their home against an all powerful occupying force, donning masks as symbols of their defiance. But what happens when there is a traitor in their midsts? How will these men of honor, these freedom fighters, react?

Conspiracy of Shadows: Betrayal is a tense drama set in Polian, the world of the Conspiracy of Shadows role-playing game. It is a story of men of honor, loyalty, and the forces at work to destroy them.

So, this is what has been keeping me up nights for the past couple of months. It began as work on a comic for someone else (a whole long story) that fell through a little over half way through the pencils. I got pissed when the carpet got pulled on that project and decided to adapt a CoS game I ran into a comic. Don't worry, I took the ideas and the personalities of the players and built from there. No bad game fiction here folks...

The goal is to try and keep a 2 month schedule for each issue. Going to be tough, but everything is written so it is just a matter of me devoting the right amount of time to thumbnails, pencils, inks, letters, and post. If anyone has any questions about the process at all, feel free to ask. I learned a lot about this kind of work over the last couple of months as well as my capabilities as an artist.


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