[Best Friends] Changes for the 4th printing

Best Friends is currently sold out at IPR but the all-new 4th printing should be available around the 28th of July. It has some changes from the first three printings, which I'll point out here.

It has a new pinker (!) cover, and you can see the cover here.

It is now 64 pages long rather than 48. The extra pages are: two more adverts, two more playsheets, two pages of front matter and 10 pages of Appendix & Index. The new pages are freely available, so anyone with a 1st to 3rd printing isn't missing out (or indeed anyone who hasn't got a copy can read it too).

At the moment I'm updating the PDF version (the Index is taking a lot of linking) and I hope to have the updated version available in about a week. Until then you can buy the PDF from DriveThruRPG or RPGNow. Once updated it was also be available from IPR.

Anyone that has bought the PDF before... I have your e-mail address and you will get the updated PDF.

If you're thinking... "What is Best Friends?" ... then you're in luck. Michael Erb and Don Corcoran have just done reviews -- so thanks to those guys you can get an idea of what the book is about.

There are other reviews and links to AP threads and even an MP3 on the Best Friends homepage too.

Lastly, just to flag up that GamerChicksRule.com have events planned for GenCon Indy including Best Friends on the Saturday. See you there!


  • Dude!

    Rock! Many rocks, even!

    -Rob D.
  • Thanks Rob!

    Fingers crossed that it looks great when printed.

    I've found the Index actually really useful since I made it (and at times amusing too). I hadn't thought Best Friends needed one (it was only 48 pages long) but since I put the most important citation in bold for each entry that has speeded up my searching through the book measurably. It also flags up the other citations quite handily too.

    I guess my advice from this is... do an Index. Yes, even for a short book.
  • It's funny you just describe it as an appendix: there's a huge chunk of invaluable advice there.

  • Yeah, I think the Appendix really helps clarify the game.

    The problem with fitting that stuff into the book was that I didn't want to have to re-write the whole thing. I feel the main part of Best Friends is a quick and easy read and I didn't want to break that flow up (subtraction by addition, y'know?).

    Anyway, if anyone has one of the first three printings all they need is this Appendix. Though, I guess, if they want to buy a new one I can't stop them. (I know I did that for DitV when Vincent made some alterations to it, and no doubt I'll want a hardback DitV too.)

    Oh, and on a point kinda raised by Don in his review. He was worried about giving away the game mechanics in the review. I don't think that's a problem for me, after all if you play the game or read an AP you can see it. That's why I don't feel so bad that this Appendix has the Play Summary, an explicit example of a conflict and talks about setting up a game.

    If people want to buy the book, they will.
  • Gregor,

    Two shades of pink are better than one.

    That is all.
  • New printing is now at IPR.

  • Very cool! I am going to alter my review based on the 4th printing although we won't get an AP in until after GenCon. It will be located in the same site.
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