Sweet Agatha Preorder at Dexcon

Hey y'all.

I'll be starting the preorder for Sweet Agatha this weekend at Dexcon. The printing costs are killer and my budget is always strapped, so if you have any interest in this game, pre-ordering will help out a lot. In addition to being a good soul you get a lot of cool extras and stuff. What kind of cool extras? Well...

• The cost to pre order is $10.00. That's $2.00 less than the cover price, so right off the bat you're getting the nice guy discount.
• You get a signed and numbered Copy of Sweet Agatha mailed to you as soon as they are available to me (that is as soon as the printer ships them out and I assemble the component parts). If they are available at GenCon (I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but cutting no corners) and you are there, and you desire hand delivery by the author, then I will hand deliver it to you.
• Either way you receive it, you'll also get mailed some extras throughout the next month or two (I have your mailing address, why not get some presents?). Things like buttons, maybe stickers, and some bonus materials for use in the actual Sweet Agatha play experience.
• You will receive a personal invitation to the NYC release party (with live bands and giveaways and stuff like that), an event occurring in mid-late september (you'll already have your hands on Sweet Agatha by then, so you'll be one of the cool kids at the party.

kevin dot allen dot jr at gmail.com


  • I'd think this would be a good place to, you know, tell us about the game.
  • a fine idea Guy.

    Sweet Agatha is a work of interactive literature. I'm not calling it that because i've got some hate out for games or i'm trying to set myself apart from the crowd or any of that stuff. Sweet Agatha isn't really a Role Playing game, it's more inspired by the notion of RPGs. It could be described as an experimental form of guided story telling. Sweet Agatha tells the story of a young woman who mysteriously disappears one morning. It would appear that her regular life was underscored by more sinister happenings, but what those particular details may be are hazy at best. Agatha had secrets, and now she has become one. As the reader it is your responsibility to find out what happened to her. The investigation that follows leaves you with a great number of clues but no connections between them. You must then present what what you have read to a friend and together the two of you complete the story by improvising 10 scenes. What starts as a conversation between book and reader evolves into a conversation between collaborating storytellers.

    The information is presented in a highly graphic fashion-mag style that is soaked through with post modern flavor. It's a mystery for fans of films like Brick, Twin Peaks (i know that was a show, not a movie), or Fay Grim (to name very few); or the writing of Galloway, Moody, and Easton Ellis (to name even fewer). You are provided with more material than you will require (and even more is available online) so you can play again and again, revisiting old conclusions, and drawing new ones; playing with new friends or switching roles with them. It is intended for an audience that hasn't ever role-played before and probably never will (but will provide interesting activity to veteran story gamers who may be looking for a break from routine). It's a cheap and pretty evening's entertainment for friends or an afternoon's pursuit over coffee or cocktails.
  • I am asking this question a lot lately, but it's also very applicable lately.

    How much of it is an improvisation game?
  • Its a good question to ask.

    as to your second question:
    the game is 50% reading and dissecting visual clues presented by the product itself and 50% sitting with a freind and on the fly narrating the second half of the story. The improv plays more like brainstorming a film script than character acting but that's just the way i do it, and the rules (really just guides for how to tell stories) are very basic and open to personal play preferance. As a roleplayer you'll probably do a lot more scene setting and character interaction than the average non-gamer consumer, and thats just fine, it works for everyone.
  • Sounds intriguing, but I'd really have to see an example page or something before I make up my mind. Do you have any teaser PDFs out there?
  • i'll have some printed stuff at the con, and come monday or tuesday some things on the web for you distant cats to dig on.
  • So, uh, get here already. So's I can give you some $$$.
  • Yeah, I need, like, 5 copies to sell to SGBoston people, not counting Nathan. They're all big fans of you after Nathan's surfing kraken Primitive game.
  • i'm still at work guys, i'll get there like after dinner time.
  • I need this game.

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