How I'm shopping at the Ashcan Front

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I think the Ashcan Front is a great thing to promote playtesting and feedback. Toward that end, I am NOT going to go to the booth, find an ashcan or two that interest me, and buy it.

Instead, since both of the folks I generally game with are also going to be at GenCon, I'm going to give Kat and Michele $10 each and ask them to go to booth #1940 and buy the ashcan that they most want to play. Much more likely that we'll actually pull together a game!

If your gaming buddies are going to GenCon (even if you aren't), think about doing something similar.


  • Quick followup question on who is giving purchase incentives at the Ashcan front (asked at the Forge, as that's where most of the solid org is going on).

  • For reference, the complete list of ashcans expected at the Front:
      44, by Matt Snyder
      A Penny For My Thoughts, by Paul Tevis
      Acts of Evil, by Paul Czege
      Galactic, by Matt Wilson
      Giants, by Jeff Lower
      Kingdom of Nothing, by Jeff Himmelman
      Know Thyself, by Ryan Macklin
      Psi Run, by Chris Moore and Michael Lingner
      Sweet Agatha, Kevin Allen Jr.
      You Brought This On Yourself: The Roleplaying Game Of Slasher Film Morality, by Jason Walters
      Zen: There Is No Spoon, by Ram Hull

  • x-posted on the forge

    Sweet Agatha: Preview/Ashcan edition is going to cost $10.00 @ the ashcan front. It is 16 B/W pages, and provides you with enough materials to play the "trailer" of Sweet Agatha. It comes with a mail in form. If you mail in the form (and very hopefully offer some critique/advice) you will receive for free the Final Edition of the game come early September.

    The full version is 36 full color pages on glossy heavy paper (the same kind of paper burning empires is printed on by and by), comes with a poster, and gives you everything you need to enjoy the complete Sweet Agatha experience a couple times over. If you were just going to buy this when it comes out it will cost $12.00. Therefore:

    Buy the cheep preview, send in the form (please offer some critique, although you aren't required to), get the full game a little later for free.

    Some of the materials and story presented in the Ashcan will NOT re-appear in the final, so you get a couple little bonuses with that as well.
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    I'm planning on doing *something* for people who actually participate in helping out my game. I don't know what that "something" is yet, so I don't want to declare it prematurely and regret it later (since that could become a disincentive for me when it comes to actually producing the final game).

    Know Thyself will be $15, which could be seen as steep (for an ashcan). I'll post up images of all 52 full-color cards (including individual photos for each card) soon, so people get an idea of what their $15 gets (before the show, anyway -- at the show, you can fiddle with the cards). This wasn't cheap for me to produce, but I think it'll be worth it -- it already it for me, because the cards look so freakin' awesome.
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