[Collective Endeavour] New look & better functionality

Rather then necro this thread, I'll start a new one.

The Collective Endeavour website has a new look -- and after a day of playing with it I'm liking it a lot. So, I tip my hat to Matt Machell for the theme.


  • It surprised the hell out of me when I logged int last night after arriving in sunny Japan. However, I o agree that the new layout is very nice and a great improvement. Chapeau to Mr Machell and his web tinkering skills!*


    *May not actually qualify as tinkering. He may actually have very high level web skills unknown to mortal man.
  • Wow! I'm very impressed! Great job!
  • What's the base CMS app that it's running on?

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    Posted By: AndyWhat's the base CMS app that it's running on?
    I'd guess Drupal, but with a very nice skin, and with the every forum comment posts as "anonymous" bug resolved.

  • Yeah, it's Drupal, with a metric-fuckload of modifications to get it to play nice.

    Drupal is a real pain to theme, as it does lots of annoying things like inconsistently apply block level elements or not, @imports loads of styles so it appears slower than it is, and hogs server memory like nobody's business. I plan on writing up some experiences for my real-life web development blog at some point, so others can learn from the experience.
  • Not only does it look great (good work Matt), but it's abuzz with activity at the moment. Lots of interesting games designs being worked on right now.
  • Yeah, I'm much preferring the new look Matt, stellar job!
  • Your colour choices there are really excellent, sir. Distinctive and beautiful.

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    Yeah, it's gorgeous. I love your "Web 1.5" font and page aesthetics. And I wish I had your skills, and your patience. I just nixed Drupal as the forums app for The Ashcan Front out of frustration. And it's going as the blog front-end as well as soon as I choose an alternative.

  • Thanks guys! It's appreciated.

    Paul, I was tempted to do the same, but we've got nearly 9 months of great discussions on the CE, and I didn't want to lose them. As far as I can tell there's no decent tools for importing Drupal into anything else... Expression Engine is by all accounts a good choice if you're looking for a flexible front end and know your CSS.
  • Hey Matt,

    Yeah, I was unable to export the Ashcan Front discussions from the Drupal db. But there were only 30 threads. I ended up scripting against the html pages, and then posting them to the new forums with "[legacy thread]" prepended to the topic name.

    I'll take a look at Expression Engine. Thanks.

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