[Bliss Stage] Final Act Actual Play

edited September 2007 in Actual Play
We played the introductory scenario from Bliss Stage: Ignition Stage yesterday. I accepted the GM role, and the rest were Pooka (who normally GMs and also had a copy of BS), Pooka's wife Louise, and their two friends Liz and Fraggle.

New game and a new group of local players, one which I actually met via a post about Polaris on my blog. So this was the first time I met all of them (except Pooka, who I met briefly the week before over a cup of coffee).

Three of the group are female players, which is absolutely awesome, and it does make a difference.

Pooka recorded the session and split it into two parts. Most of the first part is a decription of the game and game mechanics. So, if you want to skip to the play itself go to around 52:30 minutes into part 1.

And please excuse my accent. It's pretty horrible.

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