[Stories from the Shelter] Rename my section headings

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I have, from near the beginning, broken my game's (Stories from the Shelter) manual into two major sections: the Players' Section and the Narrator's Guidelines. Problem is, while the entirety of the manual is open reading for all players, only the first section is important for starting play. I'm afraid the current section titles might discourage the casual player from reading the Narrator's Guidelines, even though the manual's description of what's included in the sections encourages its reading. Anyone have any suggestions on alternate section titles?


  • If the whole book is open to everyone and the first section is specifically devoted to starting play, then should the titles be something like: "Starting the Game" and "Continuing the Game"?
  • "At the Doorway" and "Deep in the Life"
  • After reading over the premise a bit more closely, how about: "Off the Streets" and "Among the Stars"?
  • Wow! Thanks Fred, Daniel.
    Those are quite helpful. And insightful. I could totally see either one working, and may have to adopt both in some fashion.
    The beginning of the book briefly presents the setting, then the mechanics, then CharGen, then some middling fine details on the setting, like available equipment and the alien environment. The second "half" presents some plot seeds, tips on working with the mechanics and optional rules, and finally more in depth setting info. I've often thought the two sections might respond well to further sub-sections, but perhaps a total rearrangement is in order.
    Thanks again!
  • Let me add a suggestion: don't ditch completely the "generic names" of the sections in favour of the "flavoured ones". Instead, put a generic, explanatory subtitle under them.

    For example:

    At the doorway
    Playing the game

    Deep in the Life
    How to run the game
    (or "tips and tricks" or or whatever)

    Because yes, flavoured headings are good for setting the tone. But don't generate "game speak": you risk the pitfall of game argot in WW games :)
  • Thanks Renato, that's a very good point!
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