[Solipsist] Help! Who did I give ashcans too? Do you want one?


At GenCon both John Wilson and I were handing out some ashcans of Solipsist, by David Donachie (a green-covered printout in a plastic folder).

Unfortunately, I am somewhat rubbish and can't remember everyone I handed a copy to. Sorry!

David has some things he wants feedback on and also has some amended text that might be handy for either playtesting or just reading through for feedback.

  • Did we give a copy to you but have forgotten?
  • Did we not give one to you but you're interested?
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    I was not at GenCon but would like the opportunity to playtest your game.

    How much is the ashcan going to be?

    Also, how much has changed for the game since the PDF?
  • A fair bit has changed or is changing since the PDF but people are playtesting from the last complete version (which is the PDF) rather than the work in progress which is version 5. I have been collating comments, discussing the game with people who have looked at it, and generally working towards a complete next version, but I don't believe that will be ready until I've seen more Actual play reports and the like. Its too easy to change something by reflex because someone suggests it, when it might be more to do with the tastes of a single tester than a real flaw in the game.
  • Oh, the ashcan was free but we only printed up a very low number to hand out to some people at GenCon.

    We are happy to send the PDF of it to people wherever they are, though. It's something like a 1.8 MB file.

    If the timing had been a bit different I'd have liked to have had it on the Ashcan Front booth. But we were short of 90% done when that decision had to be made. However, things have moved on since July, y'know?

    So, if anyone would like a PDF please e-mail David (Hituro).
  • I sent an e-mail.

    I'm the guy who suggested a truly random randomizer for the GM's side for determining difficulty, and I'll do my best to playtest this out. I have a feeling it'll add to the play to have difficulties randomly switch around, but have the players engage in strategy to hit the target number precisely. Or not, if they want to increase their animacule count.
  • Update: have you guys seen my newest thread about Solipsist in the Collective Endeavour blog?
  • Yep, got it ... I think :)
  • Thanks for the feeback Carl.

    Just a note that we'll probably stop sending out ashcans in a week or so, as that should be enough to get us the feedback we need.

    All the best,
  • Would be interested to see it; always nice to know what's growing in my back yard, and I promise I can be positive about game mechanics, honest!
  • Hi Shevy

    If I have a paper copy then I'll hand it over next time I see you (Sunday?). If I can't find one then we'll send you a PDF.

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