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Hi all.

This post works just to shamelessly plug our new invention ( new = Dogui and Me ), the "Salgan Al Sol" (translation: "come out to the sun"? ) forums. They´re intended as a sort of forge+storygames+something ours, a place in the net to gather and empower all the lose and lone roleplaying games designers spread through the world, be it Spain, Argentina, México, and anywhere else where someone be using a keyboard with an "Ñ" to write his games.

So i bring the news to you with two purposes:

One, so when later you be swamped by the flood of "el awesomo" and be willing to pay parts of your body for at least an ashcan version of the latest big thing coming from Madrid, Bs. As. or México ( or Chile or wherever ); when you be rushing first hour in the morning to spanish courses just to unravel the subtleties of the prose and design wisdom of our collective production; so then, you be able to point to this post and say "well, that´s where it all begun".

And the more down-to-earth two, so you can pass the buzz to any other suspect of speaking our language that comes around here ( or course, now seriously, without any intention to divert members out: SG is awesome, and we hope cross-polinization to work 110% ). We already have René ( elmago79 ), so we already got a chunk of that, but the more the merrier they say.

So you know now: every SG-er is welcome, even any of you gringos if you want to hone your linguistics skill an drop a few lines of your game-savvy.

Spread the word, and we´ll see you when the games start flowing...

( End of plug. You may now continue your forum-ing )


  • Eso es fantástico!
  • These guys are still going strong, as far as I can tell. Wish my Spanish was better.
  • Dude, if Madrid becomes the new Oslo, that would rock.

    Heya, this is kinda off topic, and I'd be more than happy to take it to a new thread, but are there Spanish-born RPGs? Recent Spanish-made games? Do they share any qualities?

  • I don't speak a word of the language, but I'm all for the hobby being as accessible as possible to people from all over the world, so great!

  • There are a handful of Spanish born games, and a lot more in the process.

    Speaking about big ed ones, Aquelarre and Capitán Alatriste are the two that come to my mind right now, but I recall there being others.

    At SAS, there are some Ashcans and stuff of games made for contests a la Game Chef, and a lot of on-the-works projects.

    (Note that I am Mexican and a member of SAS. As far as I recall, the one member from SAS with a S-G account whose nationality is Spanish is Arturo, but we haven't heard of him since January or something like that.)
  • This is a bit off topic, but I've tried to find a copy of Capitán Alatriste forever and can't find one. I even physically went to five different game stores in Madrid looking for one. If anyone knows how to obtain a copy, let me know.
  • I share your pain as I've been trying to get them too, but no luck so far. The game must be OOP by now since it isn't available even in Devir's webstore.
  • Clinton, try to send a mail to "Fundación Kaufman 2000" e-shop. They have the book available, but I don't know if they have worldwide shipping. Their e-mail is alex.werden(at)
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