Reinvention 2007 RPG Design Competition Underway!

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After much deliberation and cogitation, I have finally decided to organise a new RPG writing challenge. Think you've got what it takes to revitalise a boring concept that's been done to death already? Reckon you could give a tired old trope a new lease of life? Join in with the fun and prove it!

Contest begins in earnest on October 1st (barring changes).
Come to the Official Wiki Forums and Register now!

There might yet be prizes... watch the forums for more information!


  • got any suggestions to get the mind started
  • Well, the contest doesn't officially start until the 1st of October, that's when people will be given their subjects to work on. When it begins, everyone will be given their subject and then it's up to you how you develop it.

  • That makes perfect sense, time to decide whether to try it or not.
  • Curses.

    The Sight & Sound will have JUST ended, but I really want to be a part of this! I'm going to register.
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