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Posted By: Paul BLinks or references, yipes! I don't know, I'm not a teacher. I'll ask around among my teacher friends and see if they're even still in use.

Fun, kind of. Definitely thought-provoking. This was maybe 7th or 8th grade. There were all kinds of meta-issues having to do with social standing and such among the kids. I couldn't tell if that interfered with the ethics-oriented content of the "game" or if that was indeed part of the game by design.
I don't believe there was a win/lose condition to the game. After six months, we came together and talked about the decisions we made. Some colonies went totally Lord of the Flies; others maintained high ethical standards but suffered the worst losses.
and this
Posted By: SanttuNow I'm intrigued :) Please if you can find sources post them here.

I've wrote few "games" for teaching purposes, first two to 4th graders and 6th graders and the latest for polytechnics (average age was 24, I think). I'd love to hear more and if I find time and people are interested I might even share my thoughts on the subject. Somehow I got this feeling that this is going to come up in this years Solmukohta, with Matthijs :)
was written.

So, to Santtu: DO share your thoughts to this colleague from south, and to all the SG community who i believe will be interested...


  • Yeah I missed this thread all together as I was away from SG a while :) Oh boy these threads keep coming..

    Firstly, US / UK way of making things seems strange for me, as in all examples of teaching/learning rpgs I've found it's strict form and completely hierarchical. As in: "We have a lesson for you, role-play and learn". I'm going to get in "my way" later. And there's quite lot material in written form to work with. I did enjoy Mathhijs way though, even if it's also strictly structural. But I liked the style, not sure about the mechanics and actual usage though, yet.

    I have started from opposite direction always, firstly I only work when my firm RawIdea Partners get an order, I don't make these kinds of products in advance. Secondly my products are always tailored for specific needs of the client. Like when I worked with Finnish Steinerschool in Lappeenranta, they ordered an product about early 18th century Finland to use as history lesson. We ended up building an village with 10year old kids, making society from ground up and after all pieces were there (kids made the actual writing, they came up with the ideas and builded society) there was grand final, one day larp, with in that society. It took one year, in short one to two hour lessons once every two weeks, and one day as grand finale. I was there to guide them, keep them at the point and making sure that it was historically correct. That's one example of how I like to work, sure its expensive, time consuming and hard work, but I like to think that those kids learned more then they would have learned from ready-made product.

    We do how ever make premade-products to use and tailor for customers. But those are mainly about pretty straight forward things. I wouldn't want to make historical products as ready-mades because of differences between schools, timetables and amount of kids involved.

    I hope this answers your question at least on some level, I do enjoy discussion about this subject so please ask some more. Be warned, I do not share details or products with out NDA or money :) But for all you who use RPG, SG, or LARP as medium in teaching, please remember, kids (if working with kids) are the king, you must obey their rules even if you're about to bend them into yours. Working with adults is much easier and they are generally more accepting to ready-made products, which is mostly because they don't have time to discuss about these things.

    Also if you'd like to have SG oriented WHP day at your workplace, e-mail, call or shout so loud that I hear you :) RawIdea Partners exists only to help you out with your needs for Cultural WHP (working health promotion), Cultural management consulting, Interactive teaching suites and of course anything else even slightly relating in interactive drama and social interaction. We'd like to think that "people + interaction + motivation = health, productivity and communication" that's why we exist :)

    - Santtu Määttänen
    RawIdea Partners (Owner and leading developer)
    FreeFall Festival (Producer and artist)

    Ps. sorry about that marketing at the end, couldn't resist :)
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