[Blossoms Are Falling] A Tale of the Heike

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So we've started a rockin Blossoms campaign and I thought I would post some AP which can be found here. Colin (Steerpike) is the GM and the players are me, Dan, Morgan, and Ian Noble. Below are the notes of our Clan Burning session. We've also played the first of the game sessions, which had my character earning the reputation "Whore-poet" and Dan's character lying severely wounded by an arrow to the chest and Ian's character opening up a can of archery whoopass to save his son. I'll get around to posting that session soon.


  • Thanks for writing this up man!

    I would have done it, but well… we would have finished with the game and died of old age long before I actually finished it.

    I do have to add that that Clan Burning process from the book really helped us focus the game down and create an interesting situation that the characters were directly tied to. During the Burning something the family needs is selected that all characters then write a belief about – we ended up choosing “Stature” as this was an small but old family who was trying to regain their place of prominence and respect. The group also then picks an event (kicker) that just happened to the family – we chose the dissolution of a marriage alliance with the neighboring Uda Family. The players then all pick a second belief that is a response to that event.

    When Burning up the NPC relationships I used the same procedure to create their beliefs tying them into the drive for stature and the broken marriage alliance as much as the PCs. Once play began we spent a little time meeting people and the characters and then dove right into conflict as sooner or latter beliefs clashed.

    It is also worth mentioning that I ran my first Range and Cover in this game as Moriyoshi and his father Tora dueled the Ronin in a burning Rice Shoen. Much awesomeness.
  • First play session is now up.
  • About that Range and Cover. It was incredible. This is the second Burning Wheel game I've ever played in and I'm really surprised at how well the scripting mechanic works. Dan's relatively new to storygames in general and I know he was really skeptical before he tried it. But, it really gave the archery battle an edge of jeopardy. Death was a definite possibility which made Dan's unarmored charge all the more dramatic (and Rash!). The feeling when they tied on positioning and the arrows flew...and then the arrow sticking out of the brave Moriyoshi...I can't wait for next session.

    I played in "The Gift" BW scenario at our last con and we had two script battles going on at the same time, my Dwarf sage arguing with the Elf envoy while the Dwarf seneschal battled with the Elven swordsinger. The scripting gave both bouts the kind of back-and-forth tension that you just gotta love. Of course, there was Colin telling the Dwarf Seneschal "Don't worry, your wearing some amazing Dwarven armor!" And then running over to the swordsinger with "Hey, don't worry that Elf blade can cut through anything!" A nail-biter.
  • I don't know if anyone is following along, but our 3rd Blossoms session is posted

    I just have to say our family is really screwed. There's no way this ends well.
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