Narrative Jeans

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"At Nordstrom, a top seller is "Tummy Tuck" jeans by Not Your Daughters Jeans, a $50 million-a-year label founded in 2003. Nordstom carries the jeans in its so-called Narrative departments, where it groups midtier brands such as Jones New York, Tommy Bahama and Donna Ricco that appeal to shoppers ranging from their 20s to their 50s."

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 4 2007


  • "The Gamist jeans are kept in steel cages in the basement until they are released, individually, to customers who have proven their fitness to wear them."

    I actually do most of my clothes shopping at Nordstrom, and the men's department does a credible job of giving the illusion of being an exclusive haberdashery. They are very good at selling the narrative.
  • Where do they keep the Sim jeans? Do I even want to know?
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