[online gaming] New InSpectres frachise starting - apply within

Mr. Matt Snyder, CEO Chimera Creative and Mr. Michael S. Miller, CEO Incarnadine Press are joining forces to stamp out demons, vampires and assorted pests that go bump in the night. The two will be opening a new franchise of the internationally-renown paranormal first-response company: InSpectres.

This franchise will break new ground insofar as it will be 100% virtual. Board meetings are scheduled for Tuesday evenings, 8pm-11pm Eastern, 7pm-10pm Central.

All applicants must be capable of using Skype software. Experience with online gaming is a plus, but NOT necessary. InSpectres believes fully in on-the-job training.

Two positions remain to be filled. Applications will be accepted via whisper on this thread, or via e-mail to Mr. Snyder or Mr. Miller. We look forward to working with YOU!
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