Ne regrette tu rien?

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I'm curious to how others will find this, particularly Peaseblossom in light of her recent thread. It doesn't capture it as neatly as Tony did, as it doesn't have the same proactive quality, but anyway...

Ne regrette tu rien?

Je ne regrette rien! I have seen all the pain that the world can offer, and still I go on. Indeed, I would say that I would not be who I am without it. I may tremble, but rarely do I crumble. And when I do, I pick myself back out of the debris, and exclaim 'I am more than I am before!' I never discount the pain and suffering I experience. Never minimise it. But I would never have it taken away. Truly, je ne regrette rien!

Je ne regrette rien! I would never want to go without suffering. How would I be the person I am without it? If it finally put me under, so be it - but I am made of stronger stuff. Can you say the same?

Je ne regrette rien! Whatever you do, however much pain you bring on, you cannot erode me. No matter how bad it gets, I will endure. You can throw everything at me - in fact, I defy you, willfully, to do so - and at the end of it, I will endure.

Je ne regrette rien! And you will never hear me say so. When you hurt me, c'est la vie! When you challenge me, c'est la vie! When you defeat me, bien sur c'est la vie. I have a resolve of steel, and I will rattle the spear of destiny right back in your face, once I have overcome my own misfortune. Perhaps then you can reflect on your own experience, and what you regret.

Je ne regrette rien! I have lived my life, in ways others cannot imagine. Existence, in all its bloody glory and despair, has seized me, and I it, and we turn together in the embrace. This is my destiny, that I shall turn towards at every opportunity. And you? From your heart now. Do you embrace it all, you regret?

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  • My French is a number of years behind, but isn't the translation of that "I don't regret nothing?" I think the 'ne' should be removed. Or this may be idiomatic.
  • Nah, it's right.
  • There's a rather famous old Edith Piaf song, "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien."
  • Larry: yup, this is me spinning out of this thread where I bring Piaf up.
  • The thing is, Alex, that Tony's mantra was oriented at play much more than yours.

    The Muy Macho one was all about "Give me pain, I'll take it and I'll come back and win", which translates directly into a play style. Yours seems to much more focussed on the past - "I have seen all the pain the world can offer" - which doesn't tell me how to play.

    Don't get me wrong. It's interesting, but how do I use your mantra in a game?

  • I don't think you would use either mantra in a game - you'd use them to signify to other players the style you prefer.
    "Do whatever you want to me - I am Muy Macho!"
    "Do whatever you want to me - je ne regrette rien!"
    The use of regret demands that I address the past to a degree, but I deliberately tried to bring it more into the present and future. Perhaps unsuccessfully.
    If my french was better, perhaps it would be "I will regret nothing!"
  • "je regretterai rien!" (future tense)

  • Thanks Nancy. But I regret that I'm not sure it'll catch on.
  • well, it's certainly not as easy to say! lol.

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