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I just finished reading Agon and it looks really cool. I like the balance of the open quest system and the fixed number of abilities and weapons. I have some persnickety rules-lawyery questions. <:)

* Oaths: When fulfilling an oath, is a hero's helping die the same as his Name die size?

* Oaths: Can a hero call on more than one oath from the same hero?

* Wounds: Temporary wounds stack up. Lasting wounds don't stack together. But do temporary wounds and lasting wounds stack together?

* Wounds: When an enemy is defeated by wounds from more than one player, do all players who wounded that enemy earn Glory? Or does only the highest wound's player earn Glory?

* Divine Favor: When using Divine Favor to bless a weapon, how long does the weapon retain its divine power? One attack? One battle? One quest?

* Divine Favor: What is the difference between "restoring" Divine Favor (with sacrifices) and "adding an additional box" of Divine Favor (by completing quests)?

* Is the range strip a fixed size? Can a player retreat beyond the range strip (thus extending the battlefield) without forfeiting the battle? Is a "bright, small interior" always range 3 and a "dark, cramped interior" always range 0 (i.e. no one can move forward or back)?

* Powers: if an NPC with the Life-Drain Power wounds a hero (say Wound 2) and the wound "rolls up" to Would 3 because Would 2 was already marked, does the NPC get to heal its Wound 2 (the hit) or 3 (the rolled up wound)? And what if the NPC's healed wound slot is not wounded, can the NPC "roll it down" to heal a lower numbered wound?

* Powers: The Poison Power impairs "any ability the target is currently using in the battle (target chooses)." What is the definition of "is currently using"? An ability the target has rolled any time in the current battle? Or just the current exchange?



  • I love rules questions! I'll provide page numbers for reference where applicable.

    Oaths (p. 70)
    When you call in an oath, that player owes you a helping die. There are no other restrictions on it. Meaning, they give you one of their ability dice (any they choose) and that ability is impaired.

    There's no restriction noted on how many oaths you can call from the same hero. So call as many as you like, up to the number they owe you.

    Yes, temporary and lasting penalties stack.

    Page 66:
    "When the enemy is defeated, you earn Glory equal to the highest wound box marked with your hero's name." So all heroes who have wounded the opponent earn Glory.

    Divine Favor
    A weapon blessing lasts for one battle.

    "Restoring" divine favor means you un-check your boxes. "Add an additional box" means the number of boxes increases by one. You start with 7 boxes available. After your first quest, you have 8. And so on, up to 14.

    Range Strip
    By default, the range strip is not a fixed size. You can move beyond it, extending the battlefield. The antagonist is free to modify this as desired, though.

    Life Drain
    The power heals whichever wound box is hit by the attack. So, if it rolls up to 3, you heal box 3. If you're not hurt in that box, the power does nothing.

    The power affects any ability the target rolled during the current exchange.

    Hope that helps!
  • cool, thank you! That was a fast response. :)
    Posted By: John HarperPoison
    The power affects any ability the target rolled during the current exchange.
    If the target has not had his turn in the current exchange, does he take no ability impair? Or will the ability he uses on his upcoming turn in the current exchange be impaired? In that case, he could choose to use some rarely used ability because he knows it will be impaired. :)
  • In that case, impair one of the abilities from the dice the target is currently holding. That's probably how the power should read, anyway. :-)
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