[DREAMATION 2008] The Con Has MOVED to menlo park

Famous for being the place Thomas Edison built an army of robots that could attack a sleeping man's dreams. Famous for housing a really big mall. Famous for...

Being the new location of Dreamation 2008.

Let's not talk about the move being good or bad or any of that, but rather lets all discuss what we know about the area (from a useful perspective, like how we get to what killer restaruants are in the area. Commuting in and such.


  • Yeah, i took a drive up yesterday after work to check out the area. There's like 30 south indian places to eat very close (also a south indian mall, if you want to get your culture buying on). Also a lot of good pizza (this is NJ after all), Sri Lankan (no idea what kind of quality), the regular gamut of fast food, a diner, and a steak house.

    The vegetarians in our ranks will be pleased.
  • Ok, I may just skip Dreamation and hang out at the south Indian mall.
  • Heh. I thought you meant Menlo Park in California, near where I used to live. I was all ready to be scathing about the good restaurants.

  • Some other things of note about the con area:

    The con is technically in an area called "metropark" (thats the name of the train stop you would go to if you are coming by NJ transit, a good way to go, the station is a short WALK to the con, like 3 blocks). Metropark is a lot like a little mcmansion development, all the housese look the same, neatly organized, homogeonized to the point of frightfull inhuman boredom. But instead of houses, the buildings are all industrial office space. It's pretty creepy and empty at night. It would be great if someone was doing a zombies/metal gear larp, cause it's a really weird part of the world. And as mentioned previously, only one town away from wee india.
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