[Solipsist] Help me write an example of play

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Over on the collective endeavor I was asking for help on the example of play in Solipsist, which I think is (a) important, and (b) not very good. The main, and justified, comment, is that it's just too boring. The examples are fine, but the story its telling is just too dry.

So, since the game is all about collaborative story telling (through the ability of the characters to change reality, rather than an out of character thing) it struck me that the best way to get more interesting scenes from my example was to ask other people what they would do if they were the players or the GM?

Given the initial scene and the characters presented at http://www.solipsist-rpg.com/index.php?action=cms.example what would you do as Kurt or the Major? What would your response be as the GM? I'm just interested in story ideas, I'll put in mechanics and the like later. Just remember that as characters you can do things without trying to change reality (in which case its up the GM to allow it or not as he likes) or you can effect a change (as long as its inline with your character's vision) and bend reality to your will regardless of previously established facts. With those restrictions you can do anything, subtle or wild (as long as it involves a church on a hill ... I've commissioned some artwork :))

So ... anyone?


  • I guess the answer is no

    If anyone is interested then there was some useful answers on CE which have given me some good ideas.
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