A request for Promo Materials

edited January 2008 in Story Games
I am just throwing this out there. Maybe it has been discussed before, and if so, ignore it and move on :)

So, I have had some pretty good success passing out Dresden Files post cards, and Spirit of the Century book marks from my cash wrap. I also leave them with my Story Games rack. They illicit a lot of questions and discussion. I would really like to see more of these from the various publishers. The form factor and size is appealing, because my space is expensive, and I can get more stuff in front of people's eyes that way. Full color is best, and they aren't too spendy.

So, the offer stands. If you make them, I will display them. Even better, if those of you who are with IPR can get them to throw them in each box they ship out, yay!

Just thinking out loud today.



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