Stupid Up Game Titles

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Nobilis is the Fake Neil Gaiman Game. Dogs is the Magic Cowboy Shooty Mormon Game. Vampire is the Weep Around In Capes Game. D&D is the Kill Stuff Take Stuff Game. Drowning & Falling is... okay, that one gets a bye.

What's the stupid name for your game?


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    Exalted is the My Sword Is Big Just Like My Penis game.

    TSOY is the Having Sex with Dead People and Shape Shifters game.

    Call of Cthulhu is the Hentai game.

    Sorcerer is the You Aren't Smart Enough to Play this Game game.

    Full Light Full Steam is the Star Trek With Steam game.

    And for my own game:

    Suryamaya is the Brown People Who Wear Flowers and Shoot Elephants with Cane Bows game.
  • Capes isn't mine, but I'm going to propose a stupid title anyways.

    Capes is the That's Just How Tony Is game.
  • Nicotine Girls is the Trailer Trash game.
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    Exalted is the My Sword Is Big Just Like My Penis game.

    I knew there was a good name for Exalted, I just couldn't come up with it.
  • Brand already did FLFS.

    Conquer the Horizon is the Make Shit Up As You Go Game.
    Agora is the Alpha Centauri with the Serial Numbers Filed Off Game.
  • Polaris is the "It's Grim Up North" game.

    And I mentioned The Bug-Eating Game, did I? OK then.

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    Bacchanal might be the "I wish this was an actual drinking game" game...
  • Bacchanal is the Get Drunk BEFORE Playing game.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Great Fun Generating Mutants Forget About Playing It game
  • GURPS is the Chinese Menu Game
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    I'd call GURPS the power plant output in kilowatt-hours game.
  • Don't you mean kilowatts?
  • Once you've figured out wing square footage it's all a blur, dude.
  • Here's a low shot: Dangerous Journeys equal Dungeon & Dragons.

    I'm not stepping anywhere near Macho Women with Guns.
  • Brand, you're totally wrong about Exalted. It's:

    Scantily-Clad Exoticized Anime Girl Performing Spectacular Prismatic Sword-Penis Prana!

    Additional exclamation marks added as needed.
  • Jonathan,

    I thought that was obvious from context. If your sword and penis are both big, and you are an exotic looking female, then....
  • bq. Agora is the Alpha Centauri with the Serial Numbers Filed Off Game.

    Wow, really? I'd better go subscribe to your newsletter now...

  • Brand,

    Jonathan's is right about the Prana. It has to have the Prana. Or Maybe the method.
  • Fine!

    Exalted = The Unfolding the Massive Sword of the Penis of the Bodhishatva Abashed Futanari Pranayana!
  • You are learning, grasshopper.
  • Exalted is the "I don't know what the fuck Prana means but I think asian chicks are hot" game.

  • Werewolf is the "I'm a Furry with rage issues, oh and I care about the environment and stuff" game.

    Graham Walmsley:

    "Polaris is the "It's Grim Up North" game."

    This is pure genius...! I can see it now: tragic tales of romantic flat-cap wearing knights and their faithful whippets...

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    Burning Wheel is the "I'm the only one in my tri-state area who wants crunch-heavy address of premise" game.
  • Cyberpunk 2020: The game of sociopathic frenzy with distant social concerns.
  • I thought BW was the "oddly dissonant combat system" game.

  • Sorceror: the "No, no, you have much to learn before you'll be worthy to play a game again" game.

  • Primetime Adventures, I think, is the "I really really miss Firefly so I'll design a game to fill the horible empty void" game.
  • Breaking the Ice is the "Maybe my Girlfriend/Wife/Partner/Whatever Will Play THIS Game With Me." game.
  • TSOY is the "I really really want the next version of the game to follow the CounterStrike naming convention and be called TSOY SOURCE..." game....

    mmm tasty! :D
  • Universalis is the "Do it yourself kit-box with a label saying: It's true, you only need some screws, your screwdriver and enjoy screwing with your friends".

    You will not believe me... when I wrote this I was thinking only in Meccano. Only after finishing the sentence I realized what I had written. You know, my little troubles with english. I feel like a fool.

    Arturo, that's what I'm talking about!
  • Valence is the "We grew out of playing Battlelords." game.

    Console is... um... yeah, it's basically exactly what it says. Perhaps it's the "I can't afford a goddamn PS2" game. :)

    Above and Beyond is the "I miss the Golden Age Superman" supplement, or, alternatively, the "Can I play someone from the Monarchy?" supplement.

    The Other Side (and it's cousin Monster Mash) is the "Me want play orcs!" game.

    The Book of Guilds is the "I want a social game, but I'm too lazy to learn rules other than d20" game.

    Mutatis Mutandis is the "Why is Earth X so fucked up? Doesn't anyone have some goddamn super-intelligence?" game.

    The Other Side is the "But I want to be the one to play with pretty unicorns!" game.
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