Uncle Sam wants YOU to design games for NASA

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No lie. Check out the message from ShannonA on RPG.net. Admittedly, it looks like they're looking for people with MMO experience, but hey. There's gotta be something Story Games can teach those silly rocket scientists, gotten't there?


  • A NASA MMO? Justin, you seeing this? Too bad I already have a cushy government job, because I got a concept for them.
  • Hmmm... my game would probably be of more interest to the Space Frontier Foundation (and ye gods is their website ugly!).
  • FoF seems more DARPA than NASA, but ....
  • Two weeks ago, my stance was "Pshaw, there's little chance for story-games cross-pollenation. Raw game design? Sure. But story-game specifically? Not at all."

    But then in a meeting this week, brainstorming our latest game I posed "We should think of this as 'What does the player do' and 'What does the character do'" and eyes lit up. Game design tools and game design tools. It's good to have a box of them.
  • What a trip... after all these years....

    I proposed a Shuttle simulator, complete with missions, when I worked at Interactive Magic in, oh, 1997. It was rejected as "too dull." I wonder if a NASA MMO is going to include things like training simulators, spacecraft, and missons.... :)
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