[Red Box Hack] Ignatio's Fort

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Eric ran the latest edition of RBH (possibly for the first time?) for Lisa, Andy and me yesterday afternoon. I think he's doing up a more detailed AP soon, but at one point we found ourselves infiltrating the island fort of a robber baron called Ignatio. He later turned out to be an omnisexual, demonic robber baron with a very large axe. This is how Eric described that reveal when Lisa's Fox started the fight:


That was one of my favorite moments in the game, along with the part right afterwards where I attempted to trap said axe and ended up being used as a human flail.

Here's my hazy recollection of the arena map:



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    It doesn't look like I'm going to get my doodles done & scanned in today. So I'll probably have to catch up by the weekend.

    However, since Brendan was cool enough to draw the picture of Ignatio stepping aside to reveal the giant axe (that had the same profile as Ignatio), I'll go ahead and toss Iggy's stats here.

    Ignatio - Big Horned Pirate Lord
    Alertness +2
    Daring +4
    Eloquence +1
    Sneakiness -1
    Size +3
    Stubborn +5

    Monster Powers: Minions & Vicious
    XP Value: 24

  • 'Ignatio stepping aside to reveal the giant axe' - ha, great, nice picture too!
  • Here's another scene from last weekend's game.

    alt text

  • Cool, Brother Browntail's gotta make an appearance in the 3rd edition !
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