[Solipsist] Example Characters Needed

So, David (Hituro on here, the map guy) is finishing up Solipsist and it will soon be in lay out and getting final changes made to it for publication. The website is http://www.solipsist-rpg.com/.

Basically, characters in Solipsist are crazy egotists with the power to change reality by wanting something enough. Each is defined by
  • a Vision (which is how their world would ideally be should they choose to become truly solipsistic, normally it's a short statement or paragraph),
  • Obsessions (desires that bend reality to conform with them, and flag up to the GM what how the world is lensed), and
  • Limitations (ties that hold the character to the greater consensual reality of the current world and flag up elements that the GM should bring in to play).
We have a number of examples of all of these in the book already, but we'd love to have some full sample characters not made up by us. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to create some characters, the best four of which will go into the book.

The character creation stuff is on the website here:

Any help much appreciated!


PS. Oh, David has a separate thread offering to put some adverts in the book too -- so if you have a game that you'd like us to advertise then please do send an advert our way.

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  • So after a read through of the info on the site, I came up with Erasmus, a warrior of sorts that has family issues. If an entry needs more fleshing out than this, I'd be more than happy to come back and add some details.


    My vision is of a world where family is important to life. In this world a family shares one life essence, and as long as one member of the family stands living, all members of the family remain living.

    I will to redeem myself in the eyes of my family. (3)
    I want to reap vengeance on my family. (2)
    I want to disown my family without fear of death. (2)
    I want to prove myself worthy in combat. (1)
    I want to travel to the far reaches of the world. (1)

    The people I trust are useless to me (2)
    I am too destructive to be redeemed (2)
    I will never forget my debts to my brother (2)
    I must find a cure for the Plague (1)
    I have a short temper (1)
  • Thanks Tim, that level of detail is totally fine.

    Oh, and just to clarify this is something that we'd like help with rather than some sort of competition, y'know? And we could really do with your help.
  • Thanks Tim! Much appreciated. I love the Obsession about disowning in amongst all those family supporting ones ... lovely
  • My vision is of a world without war

    I want all weapons to be put past use 5
    I want all thoughts of hatred gone from people minds 1
    I want army establishments turned into gardens 1
    I want soldiers to be workers 1
    I want battlefields to be ploughed 1

    Sometimes I just want to hit people 3
    Guns are quite cool 2
    I want to take care of my baby 1
    I need to get a decent-paying job 2
    I am a bit unsure about all this 1

  • Okay that's two ... anyone else?
  • I want to be more famous than anyone, ever

    I want images of myself to be everywhere 1
    I want to be regarded as the greatest person ever known 3
    I want gifts and praise lavished upon me 2
    I want everyone to desire me sexually 2
    I want to never be without a material good I desire 1

    I don't feel so wonderful 1
    I love my privacy 3
    I'm not marketable enough 2
    I want depth in my life 1
    My life is fulfilling 2
  • Thanks Pooka :)

    I find it interesting how short the Visions are. Not that it is bad to have a short Vision (the Obsessions expand on it's details), but because in the first playtest people wrote longer ones.
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    I came up with this character:

    Lethan: He is a thinker, a scholar, a philosopher and an intellectual and pragmatical man.

    My vision is of a Just world. A place where Order is maintained, where Rules are followed, where things are Logical and everyone cares more about Justice than about gain. There is no entropy, no big mind-shaking changes, no randomness.

    I want to make people play by the Rules (1)
    I want to make the Rules (as I believe they should be) (4)
    I want to punish anyone guilty of something (2)
    I want to understand the reason and way behind everything and everyone (1)
    I want to standardize and even anything random or chaotic (1)

    I can't adapt easily to circumstances (3)
    People around me use to act without logic (2)
    Injustice makes me loose my temper (2)
    The people in power are too selfish and greedy (1)
    I'm too stubborn (1)
  • My wife Victoria did a character, but doesn't have an account here, so I'm posting for her

    My vision is of a world covered by the ocean, where no humans exist. I am a mermaid princess in this underwater kingdom.

    I want to have a house by the sea (3)
    I want to become a mermaid (3)
    I want to breathe water (1)
    I want to free the killer whales (1)
    I want to see the sea cover the earth (1)

    My son would die (4)
    My family love me (2)
    I cannot swim (1)
    I hate what being alone does to me (1)
    My pet snake cannot breathe water (1)
  • Sadly bumping my own thread .... just to say if anyone else wants to contribute a character I need them before the 10th, thanks again
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