Vague resemblence to Vincent Baker


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    So I clicked on the video, and I was like, "no way!" Then I kinda saw it, just a glimpse but not really. Then my daughter, who was looking over my shoulder said, "That kinda looks like papa." My husband, like Vincent has long blond hair and a goatee. Other than that they don't really look alike, but I did accidentally mistake Vincent for my husband (from behind, sitting at a park), before he turned around.

    So I asked my daughter if she thought the guy in the video looked like Vincent. She said, emphatically, "no!". I see more Vincent in that guy than I see Mr. Ellingboe.

    So to answer the question, I say "kinda", but Miss Ellingboe says "no".
  • That's Will Carlough. Multi-talented dude. Went to college with him.
  • I don't think he looks much like Vincent, but I do think he sounds like funny!

  • SO I showed it to Mr. Ellingboe (my husband, see my previous post). He said, (without my saying anything about how I found this video), "He looks a little bit like Vincent."
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