Where Are They Now? Update on Design Challenges

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I was working on Twisted Rhymes, Nursery Crimes earlier and the thought occurred, "What happened to the other Sight and Sound Design Challenge entries?". This one started out as "Don't Take A Nap" and has morphed hugely since the initial entry and I'm quite pleased so far. I have a good start on background and setting, working mechanics that are not too derivative, and ideas of what is next.
So, where do the others stand, if at all? Some were quite good.
And I open it up to any other challenges of 2007. What is the status of your game(s)?
How about an update?


  • Me and Jarrod were doing the ''Noobs design games'' self-inflicted challenge a few months ago. We both reached roughly 90% and immediately got lazy. We still need to finish them.
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    That last 10% is really painful. Power through!
  • Oh, man, that last 10% is the Zodiac killer of the game design world. There are the corpses of dozens of great games lying at 10%'s feet.
  • Yeah, I have about... 6? games that need the last 10-20% done.
  • A mentor of mine said - and it's something of a triusm - that the last 10% of an IT project takes 90% of the time.

    My S&S game, kalma is going to be tested, rebuilt a lot, and possibly published. That podcast feedback was intimidating, though. =)
  • I agree with everyone. I was reading the game doc last night and I felt like an old man perusing an unfinished novel. Time to bury it, finish it, and call it done, methinks.
  • It's good to see that work is ongoing.
    If anyone is interested here's where you can see the current version of Twisted Rhymes Nursery Crimes - http://tomgurg.googlepages.com/home.
    If you do check it out shoot me some feedback.

    I missed the owlbear and undead programmers original challenges but am working up something for each all the same because they are cool & I need to create.
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