What US game con to visit?

I'd like to visit a US game con some time this summer. Both to play story games and to discuss games and gaming culture. What game con should I attend? What people should I hook up with?

I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark, and I've been playing forge/story/indie games for a couple of years and have set up indie workshops and seminars at the two largest Danish game cons.


  • I would say Gencon. But if you come to Gencon, you need to get your hotel today!
  • GenCon is what I'd recommend to experience every single facet of gamer culture. The Forge booth would be an interesting place to hit with your specific goals.

    That said, I think DexCon -- a much much smaller convention (by multiple orders of magnitude) or its January cousin Dreamation are far better to "play story games and discuss them". Origins is a pretty good convention for playing & talking, too.

    GenCon, I dunno; I just look at it as more about the commerce.
  • I'd say Gen Con to get the Vegas-style glam of it all.
  • I'm going to second Fred. While Dreamation is the slightly better con, DexCon is great too, and better than Gen Con for what I care about in cons.
  • Say I wanna go to Dexcon, what are my options: Do I need to rent a car & book a hotel or are there cheaper alternatives?

    Entrance is around 50-60 dollars. What about accommodation?
  • (Having slept on Frederik's floor myself, I'll absolutely vouch for him as a good guy and room-mate. If I was going to Dexcon, he'd definitely have a place in my room. Just sayin'.)
  • I've tried Gen Con and Origins. Gen Con just has more stuff.
  • Well, if you run some games (probably 4 for DexCon) you can get free admission. The hotel is cheap for congoers (I believe it was $100/night but I'm not sure), and you can almost certainly split the cost with roomies.
  • Go to DexCon. Or wait and go to Dreamation. Both are game playing and talkin Con's. There is plenty of opportunities to chat, and play all kinds of story games.
  • If you can wait, I would say go to Dreamation.

    If you can't wait, I would probably vote Gencon over Dreamation. I think for a lot of people here, Gencon is about commerce, booths, and the exhibit hall. I've been going to Gencon for 10+ years for the games. It can be overwhelming and scheduling can be tedious (although there are plenty of pickup games) but there is no place where you will find a greater variety of games.

    That being said, I will be at Dexcon as well!
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