Githyanki Therapy - The so-called Criticism Era

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Githyanki Therapy is a thread designed to talk about the cool shit going on around you in the hobby while the rest of the internet erupts into bile and bullshit.

Leave your bullshit boots at the door and talk about the good shit going on.

There was a thread on the livejournal roleplayers group about what games people would most like to play and two people said BW. So, I dropped them both a line and we are going to get together over skype and play BW.


After a long hiatus and one particularly shitty game, the Houses of the Blooded posse met again and played a great session with duels, High Revenge, notes written in blood, writhing disembodied hands and poisoned brothers. Good stuff.

I got together with some friends I haven't seen since the summertime and played Shock: after we sat down and caught up. We created this wonderful setting where the aliens from Vega were coming to save earth. Turns out the Vegans (vay-guns not Vee-gans) were condescending pricks. They were promptly kicked out of the Solar System.

Good times.

And on Sunday we get together to record another Sons of Kryos, which is always fun.

And you?


  • After losing my cool once over this week (on the internet), I decided to take a different approach and started another Githyanki Therapy thread... about theoretical superpowers. It has generated awesome results.

    Today I got paid to play Ticket to Ride. Last week (I'm a community support worker) involved two cases of assault, and I'm just so relieved and ecstatic at the abrupt turn around and the fact that I really enjoyed work today. Rock.

    I just had a fun SotC character creation session. Blackleaf, African Cheetah Warrior! (I know, totally not PC. But I like playing pulp because I can both "go there" and "dissect that" at the same time.)
  • Warhammer FRP has been lovely lately.

    My character has gotten back together with his old NPC girlfriend. He's kind of a cheerful rescuer type and is adept at overlooking the awful. She is a devoted Chaos cultist. They're gonna have a baby. I'm vividly anticipating the day when my guy first lays eyes on his firstborn and has to choose whether to strangle it or not. Or maybe baby will decide to preempt all that awkwardness, do a self-caesarean and come out fighting.

    Our party's dwarven thief has been under a lot of strain lately, and is having mental health issues. "Ask your doctor about trepanation," we've been telling him, but I don't think he's that interested in being cured.

    Also, our wizard's samples have escaped their containment and are now roaming around our shared house. They're keeping the rodents down for now, but at some point I'm sure they'll become a nuisance.

    I WFRP.
  • Its good to kick those boots off

    Sunday I'm running a one-shot of Red Box Hack and I have never seen such instant buy-in from a group of players. I imagine it will involve wine, pizza and a lot of hacking. I'm looking forward to it alot.

    My 2008 Convention Season starts at the end of next month and I'm jazzed about it already. I've been to Conpulsion in Edinburgh a couple of times from the CCG side and its a great con. I'm working the Collective Endeavour stall, running Hot War and Duty & Honour playtests and -hopefully- slipping in some Burning Empires as well. Maybe even some P&P too. I cannot think of a better way to spend the Easter weekend.

    My wife (bless her!) has told me that she has had a premonition (her family are all spiritualists and believe in that stuff. For once, I'm willing to let it ride) that I must go to GenCon again this year. Apparently something important will happen and I have to be there. Well, who the hell am I to argue! Indianapolis, here I come!

    I started scribbling ideas for a future sport game last night and I'm pleased with how easily the ideas flowed.

    I've discovered Tesco Finest Yogurt Ice Cream with Tulameen Raspberries and I appear to be addicted. Oh those juicy little beads of berry goodness!

  • I'm in a weekly Burning Wheel game set in the pirate city of Freeport - I play a bitter, thuggish failed smuggler with a big cat fetish and a list of everyone who's ever crossed him, which is unbelievably good fun. I'm in a monthly Burning Empires game in which my astronomer-theologian professor is a zealous, bigoted fascist trying to crush a popular democratic movement out of petty familial spite. He's fun too. And (just to show I'm not entirely into wholly unredeemable characters, but that I am completely glutted on the BWHQ koolaid) I'm just about to start a monthly Blossoms game in which my character is a fisherman grieving for his lost beloved). BW rocks my world right now.

    Also I have a three month old baby boy whom I adore, for all that he's cramping my formerly carefree gaming style :)

    Thanks for this Judd!

  • Playtesting Business Solutions today! With my friend Joel, who I never see anymore, and Tom, a guy I've never met who participated in the Sight and Sound challenge!

    I had this crazy idea for pre-play map-making, threw it out there in the midst of the crazy navel-gazing storm cloud of suck, and got like ten people to jump in and help me kick my thing around. That felt so good, and I'm so grateful on so many levels!

    Tonight I'm going to a potluck to hear a good friend sing! Tomorrow I'm going out to Indian lunch and then a Bollywood movie with two other good friends!
  • I ran InSpectres for a good portion of the group I play GURPS with last week, and it went really well! As in "I'm trying to stop smiling cuz it's hurting my cheeks but I can't" level of good. And it looks like we're going to keep the franchise around and use InSpectres to fill in scheduling holes and bridge between GURPS campaign arcs. So, long-term InSpectres play! Yay!

    I'm playing D&D 3.5 for the first time ever with my other weekly group, and I really like my character. Also, we invited a new player who works with with GM and I, and he's very cool and fits right in, and our net fun is going up. Yay!

    JiffyCon Boston is coming up! March 8th! Wooo!
  • I'm chilling in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, while my wife attends a business workshop. I'm taking the time to write up a game idea that I've been kicking around for a few weeks.

    I got to play TSoY for the first time last week, and I'm looking forward to the game kicking into high gear.
  • Tomorrow is our monthly D&D meetup, and it looks like we'll have 20-30 people attending. I've been promoted to Director in charge of Rules-Light RPGs, and I'll be running a game of the Red Box Hack.
  • It's been a flood of good lately. I had a blast at ConQuest playing Wicked all day long. Yesterday Ben came over to my place and playtested How to Host a Dungeon for me. Then I playetested his ninja game for him. Good times were had by all.
  • Sunday I'm running a one-shot of Red Box Hack and I have never seen such instant buy-in from a group of players.

    ...and I'll be running a game of the Red Box Hack.

    Folks are playing RBH! That's all the therapy I really need.

  • What Tony said.

    My game is working very well. It's approaching done-ness. It also works better with two players than I thought.
  • After hitting about the bleakest level of depression I can remember yesterday, where for once I felt that feeling that people talk about where it's a little hard to breathe, I Gtalked Eppy and he organized (maybe?) a thing in New York for me to hang out with a bunch of my friends. I stayed up there until 2 am and talked and came home feeling good.

    Today, I run the first game of Spirit of the Century I've ever run.
  • Last night I had a wicked good playtest of Reality Cops, and the wheels are finally starting to turn on that one again.
  • Spirit of the Far Future is finally coming together as a product -- I can now sense its physicality as opposed to its logical existence. My apartment is littered with 6x9 booklets printed on cheap ink jets and strips of trimmed pages are strewn about. I'm getting a serious kick out of doing the layout--a feeling I haven't had in a good many years of work doing anything but layout and writing. And I see a time now when I'll hold actual books in my hand and bring them to an actual table for actual play.
  • Well first off has got to be the news that Fantasy Flight Games have reached a deal with GW to take on the stuff they dropped when they killed Black Library, including Dark Heresy and Talisman. I know that some people are wary over FFG (they have a bit of a habit for extreme slippage in release dates if nothing else) but remember these were the guys who put out the much acclaimed Midnight setting for D20. So there's some serious hope there.

    I played in my first session of a new D&D 3.5 campaign last night and it was great fun. It was pretty typical D&D fare but man it's been too long. Sometimes you just want to create a techy character (spiked chain fighter goodness), kill things and take their stuff. What's even better is that it is with 3 people (one of whom has never roleplayed before and loved it) who I only just met. My regular group contains 3 people, none of whom (including me) like to GM so finding someone who was happy to do it has been a revelation and I'm so happy to be getting in some face-to-face roleplaying again.

    Not only that but I've rediscovered the motivation to work on my game, Anarchy and have been getting somewhere with it.

    All in all a damn fine couple of weeks.
  • I figured out escalation in Agora! Now I just have to figure out if I want to call it "escalation." (It's a back-formation from a trademark! Ewwwww.)
  • Posted By: Judd
    There was a thread on the livejournal roleplayers group about what games people would most like to play and two people said BW. So, I dropped them both a line and we are going to get together over skype and play BW.
    I have much envy!


    Cool stuff going on in gaming around here:-

    I got to play In A Wicked Age with some friends I haven't gamed with in years, and it was absolutely great. I'm completely in love with the game and the terrifing power of its resolution mechanic. We're meeting up again in March to play the next chapter, set 20 years after the one we just played.

    My friend who plays in our long-running, ludicrously hot Ptolus game has just become a father. His baby is healthy and beautiful, and there is much celebration.

    I'm trying to get a VoIP Burning Wheel game running while Ptolus is on hiatus, but I'm not sure it's going to get off the ground. Re-reading the books, though, is a pleasure and is really stoking my enthusiasm.

    And lastly, brainstorming for a big-ass sandbox D&D4 campaign inspired by the West Marches posts is coming along nicely. Looking forward to July!
  • Posted By: joepubAfter losing my cool once over this week (on the internet), I decided to take a different approach and started another Githyanki Therapy thread... about theoretical superpowers.
    Which was awesome. I still need to participate.

    Good news: I've had to NOT game on weekends for 3 weeks now (and a few more) because I'm doing too much gaming. Bittersweet, but there it is. In the Spring, I'll be doing more weekend action.

    Last session of L5R began slowly (due to my lack of preparedness), but holy crap when it started rolling, we saw some really deep (that is "deep in character") roleplaying quickly, from all players, and to good effect. I feel like this is going to be another really good campaign!

    Outside of gaming: Just got back from the gym. On a total whim, I added 10 pounds to every single leg of my already pretty hard workout, and had No Problems keeping up. I feel like drinking a beer while saluting an American Flag, going "FUCK YEAH!"

  • I'm looking forward to playtesting* my game Land of Nodd with some folks here in NYC next weekend. I haven't met them yet, but they sound like a great bunch of people, so I'm pretty excited.

    *: It's actually something even cooler--they call it "playstorming" (
  • Having fun with my D&D PBeM game (hey, for the first time in my gaming life I get to play a noble, so I'm milking it).
    Having tons of fun with my Witch Hunter PBeM, especially as I try to get the various player's styles to mesh up so we can play a game that rolls like a trad game but plays like a story game.

    Had a great dinner with fellow podcaster Dan Repperger (Fear the Boot) and his wife, who came down to Miami on their way to a cruise. This shall be repeated next Saturday, on their return to port.

    Good stuff.
  • Ran a fun session of Weapons of the Gods the other night and got to see the players channeling Tsui Hark as their characters whipped nine kinds of hell out of the badguys while leaping across a reflecting pool, bouncing mooks off silver gongs and displaying the elemental propriety of their argument. With falling cherry blossoms.

    Now I'm cooking up a Dark Heresy oneshot and thinking about some psychotic fusion of Wild Talents and the old Underground game (which caused me to dig out my old Public Enemy CDs).
  • Hmmm.

    Played some Battlelore last Sunday and smashed a giant spider! Nearly routed by dwarves but managed to lay down the punishment and emerge victorious. What a fun game.

    Played Trail of Cthulhu on Wednesday and had tremendous fun with my errant Italian teacher, acting inappropriately with the comely students and then doing my investigations at the CAVES OF HORROR with my year 6 students in tow. It didn't end well.

    Going to play some Ticket to Ride this afternoon. Fun.

    Also went to 2 amazing concerts this weekend, and had a number of complements around my moustache, including from a random young barmaid. Yay!
  • I'm running a Trail of Cthulhu campaign on Sundays, in preparation for fulfilling one of my longest held ambitions - writing a published scenario for Cthulhu.

    On Mondays, I've a Doctor Who playtest game, which is stretching me as a GM.

    On Tuesdays, I'm playing Spirit of the Century.

    And on Wednesdays, I'm running a great Unknown Armies campaign. The characters are all resurrected US Presidents. They spent half of the last session running from the giant Abraham Lincoln golem that sits in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.
  • Yesterday was Go Play Peoria, where I got to play 44, which was several types of cool. Then I got to play Dirty Secrets, which I haven't played in a while. All the while, people were having fun around me! Success!

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • My TSOY/7th Sea game is going very well indeed. They've just found out that the sinister conspiracy that has been destroying their lives is an ancient race of snakes that has the ability to walk as humans and wear the masks of any person they chose. So now no one can trust anyone, and everything is up for grabs. Also, mass adultery!

    My Changeling: The Lost game is just getting going. So far its got a good tone and pace, with every scene having a beautiful tinge of madness and beauty, and with every character in the game coming off like an ensemble of beautiful losers from every Cohen song ever.

    The Mage: New Version game I'm in finally clicked into stride last session, after several stuttering attempts at getting things moving. We're now hip deep in politics, with every one of the good and noble PCs being exposed as human, faliable, and very much starting to crack under the pressure of their own hubris.

    And the sporadic catch as catch can games of Beast Hunters and In A Wicked Age continue, with lots of blood sugar sex magic for all.
  • I have a game of Red Box Hack tonight and Spione on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to both - RBH as this will be the first game I have played with my regular group and Spione just because I am really interested in how it plays out.

    Then, next regular game (in two weeks) we'll be playtesting Jason M's Business Solutions, which looks very funny indeed.
  • Had a great games day with friends on Saturday. We played a weird game of Dark Heresy where we all turned out to be elementals from Sapphire and Steel who were, in turn, playing a game of Dark Heresy. It was strange and confusing, and a lot of fun, though my PC killed himself because he thought he had been tained by Chaos when he started displaying all these crazy Sapphire and Steel powers.

    Then we played In a Wicked Age and all was good. A kidnapped girl with a leopard's soul, the younger brother of a murderer, and an animated statue of a little boy inhabited by the map of the world found there way to a treasure trove containing a magical crown that turned the map into a real boy. Along the way the ghost of the boy's father found justice, the girl's soul possessed the body of the soul-less leopard, and some hapless treasure hunters realised that their extensive gear was worth more than the treasure they had gone to find :)

    I also managed to try out a session of Burning Empires, and Solipsist should be off to the printers any day now :)
  • And just as a follow up, we Red Box Hack'd and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Never in a game has the distraction 'Ohmigod, you can see his bollocks through that!' worked so badly!! (And yes, AP incoming)

  • I finally got to do the first session of Burning Empires, and In a Wicked Age has been making sweet love to me as the ultimate pick-up game.
  • I was invited to be a co-GM in a large group running a nWoD Hunter hack (unofficial.)

    I have already been told that I am a frightening person and that people are leaving my table scared.

    Life gets no sweeter.
  • My Ars Magica 3/5 game is drifting along in leisurely fashion, which concerned me a bit, but the players really are into it, so I'm reassured. We're about to make a three-year jump for Art studies, and then the background's history will kick in with a vengeance. I anticipate tons of cool story hooks.

    The Exalted Wheel of Fate Dragon-Blooded game is also about to hit its stride, with the players committing to protect and rebuild a fallen city in the Threshold. Can't wait to dig in here.

    I've been lusting to play Savage Worlds or Reign, but having two long-term games where the players are happy and engaged is working for me. Let the good times (and dice) roll!
  • I just found a copy of Baron Munchausen on eBay.
  • My girlfriend (Lesley) GMed her first game ever. She was super nervous going into it, but after less than five minutes she fell into it and was framing scenes, doing character voices, and totally rocking out. The game was Dogs In The Vineyard, and it was fantastic!
  • Posted By: amnesiackMy girlfriend (Lesley) GMed her first game ever. She was super nervous going into it, but after less than five minutes she fell into it and was framing scenes, doing character voices, and totally rocking out. The game wasDogs In The Vineyard, and it wasfantastic!
    I demand AP!
  • I'm running the most recent version of Geiger Counter, my survival horror game, for Story Games Boston tonight, and Robert Ahrens has demanded giant sharks.
  • Posted By: Jonathan WaltonI'm running the most recent version ofGeiger Counter, my survival horror game, for Story Games Boston tonight, and Robert Ahrens has demanded giant sharks.
    Robert Ahrens is the man.
  • Posted By: JuddI demand AP!
    I'll see what I can do. ^_^
  • We forwarded the timeline along ten years in our orcish game over skype.

    It rocked.
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