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    Kynn, Herman, thanks for your input. I still have some questions, however. Is the Roleplaying that happens a lot like "chatroom" roleplay (freeformish)? That is, spontaneous, improvisational, and without any central planning of any sort? Put another way... there's nothing like a GM, is there? Are there any "adventures" set up by anyone?

    I get your point, Kynn, about you roleplaying through your otherwise "normal" play (I do that, too, really... Silrukin has a certain code of ethics and such that are distinclty his). I get that you use the events of the game as inspiration, too. Are the game mechanisms ever used as a resolution system, however? Given the one add-on, I'm thinking yes, sorta. That is, anyone who does the quest in question moves on in the plot, whereas others must experience a different storyline. (I have other questions as to how that add-on works... do the items turned in get destroyed?)

    Are there other cases of the RP SIS changing according to the WOW situation? Like do players say, "If you bring me a black diamond from Blackrock Depths, I'll love you forever?" As a simple example of what I'm talking about. Or, more in line with "adventures" do plotlines proceed based on things like trading, crafting, slaying, etc?



    P.S. My bad on the thread name... I wasn't thinking there. Just trying to be clever. Bad idea.
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    Posted By: Mike HolmesKynn, Herman, thanks for your input. I still have some questions, however. Is the Roleplaying that happens a lot like "chatroom" roleplay (freeformish)? That is, spontaneous, improvisational, and without any central planning of any sort? Put another way... there's nothing like a GM, is there? Are there any "adventures" set up by anyone?
    As I have experienced this, there is all sorts of roleplay happening. I see a sort of "scale"
    • Spontaneous role-play - free-form, sparked by random meetings, often in cities or by running into people while questing or gathering resources
    • Meeting role-play - free-form, but planned in advance. For example, I used to be part of a roleplay focussed raid group. We sometimes met up and talked in cahacter before going out to raid Onyxia, or Molten Core. (As an example of a smaller scale event, see Felwood. We were both questing, gathering resources (herbs, leather, ore), and roleplaying there. Or when we went up against one of the raid-level creatures in Silithus: Against Old Gods.)
    • Guildmeetings - based around a format (which depends on the guild's theme, the Stormwind City Watch will probably have more of a "cop show" type meeting than the "religious Night Elven fanatics of Elune" the Silvereye are), but mostly freeform within that format. It provides a hook to base your roleplay and action on, plus it also bounds unwanted behaviour. For example, at some point the Silvereye organised a pilgrimage.
    • Scripted events - this moves more towards "traditional" play. In my guild, the officers (mostly) will in these circumstances also act as GM's, and will prepare a storyline. Sometimes, this will make use of in-game area's and creatures (we had a storyline in which the master of the Scholomance, the liche Ras Frostwhisper, was a major villain. One of our then-guild officers would play out being possessed by him, so it was not just a combat experience. See The Darkness Within).
    • Large-scale events - these are public events, with usually a large turnout (often over 100-200+ people turn up). The event serves more as a background for free-form roleplay; it usually does not have an organised storyline itselve. There is pelnty to do, though. In the past, there have been beauty contests ("best costume"), tournaments, races, archery contest, and more (see this report from the Eastvale Tournament as an example).
    Everything Kynn says (got more time to properly read the thread now :) ) also sounds very recognisable. I don't think we have a roleplay channel like that on our server, though there are channels where roleplayers "hang out" (horde-side has LFRP - looking for roleplay, similar to the official LFG - looking for group channel).

    I'm (slowly-slowly) working to write an article about this subject with a friend, hopefully to be published in Push at some point.
  • Herman, I'll look forward to that article. Great info here. The tournament sounds like a blast.

    Most everything here in terms of organized events sounds like it could be categorized as: somebody declares that something is happening, and advertises it, and then they have stuff happen at the event. And everyone simply plays along, improvising dialog along the way.

    Is that accurate?

    It seems very "LARPy" to me in that the players are only "audience" for what their characters see. Unless most events are being described in an OOC channel? Otherwise if your character whispers some fun dialog to mine, I'm the only audience, right? The other players may never know what was said?

    My inclination, in all of this, is to run what is effectively a LARP. As LARPs are used to control situation in precisely this manner. Get everybody in a room, set up a situation, sprinkle with occasional events, but otherwise just let the players interact. I'm trying to think of how to do this as a GM, however. Like for NPCs I could set up first level characters, give them the items they might need, name them what I need, and then log in and out to them as I need to play them.

    Would that be fun? Do folks do this? Or do they just have their character hand you an item, and tell you "This was handed to you by a courier from the king!"

    Make sense?

  • Hi Mike,
    More importantly, perhaps, if this was the "agenda" that all in-game interaction was considered to be character-v-character (if you will), then I would still definitely want a venue for player to player communication. Not everybody would want this, but I sure would. Because I think that, as a community of players, that we are all responsible for each other's enjoyment. Call that Pollyanna if you like. It's how I function. So I think having a venue to apply real world social contract pressure (as difficult as that might be in the context of the intarweb), is a valuable tool.
    I'm not sure if your talking about that venue to somehow fix the screw over problem from before, or in terms of the roleplaying your planning.

    In terms of fixing the screw over, I think the idea of everyone being responsible for each others enjoyment actually perpetuates the problem. As you say, the designers could make the line clear. Even if everyone looks after everyone else, it doesn't fix the source of the problem. It's like - I dunno, it's like a guy who starts setting up his friends to run into each others habits in an annoying way. Now, sure the friends could just try to get over such moments, but their problem isn't actually with each other. It's with the guy who is setting them up. WOW is setting up these moments, slowly but surely.

    In terms of setting up a roleplay venue, my personal thought is to back it up with a slab of in game currency, that you can hand out as per the rules of the roleplay you set up. It wont make sense to yourself in terms of playing the game, but hell, you've done table top, that shouldn't be a new experience *hehehe*! However, I think alot of people will decline the money or whatever currency, which is really annoying. It probably sounds counter productive, but I'd suggest asking up front and excluding anyone from the activity who will decline the money. Only accept people into the activity who are themselves going to accept the system (ie, accept the currency being handed out). System has an impact for people who grab system with two hands - including people who politely decline to use it will shut that down. As a suggestion, anyway.
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