The Elf / Purple Vampire War of the Belt

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Posted By: HituroIf your game is set in the midst of the Elf / Purple Vampire war in the asteroid belt of a dying star then I need you to tell me *everything* about that setting (assuming the setting matters) because there is nowhere else to go to find it out.
Okay, people. I demand to know more about this game. Fill me in!


  • The Elves formed one faction, dedicated to preserving the asteroid belt and preventing the recreation of the planet Minerva. The Purples formed the other faction, dedicated to compressing the asteroid belt into a single planetform, to recreate their long lost homeworld.

    War in space is dangerous, and neither side was particularly interested in slugging it out. Luckily Earth was nearby, and had become completely overrun by Vampires some centuries earlier. Vampires, being undead, have no need for food, water, or air, and thus make excellent astronauts. Their ability to turn into a cloud of gas can also be quite useful (especially when dealing with high Gs). The Elves hired their own band of mercenary Vampires, the Purples a different clan.

    Thus began the Elf / Purple Vampire War Of The Belt.
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