I have all the games I need!

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So, over here Jason Morningstar brought up some older games that may not be IAWA or RBH and it got me thinking that I'm happy with the two games I have. I know some folks are always looking for some old game from the past, but I think I want to just focus on playing the two games we have. I'm not saying what you should do, but for me, I think its idiotic for anyone to even think about other games while there's so much to explore just playing IaWA, or alternatively, RBH. So, I'm interested in talking more about how to play these two fantastic games better. You other people can talk about other things, if you really want to.


  • It's inevitable, some people just can't recognize a good thing when they see it. It's the classic 'grass is greener' thing that makes some people switch from RBH to IAWA and back again. These people just can't see that games design has already reached it's pinacle.
  • If you want to get all old skool you can go dig up a copy of Art, Grace, and Guts.
  • I always think a stint with older games helps me appreciate how good the two games are.
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