Play IAWA with RBH

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I've been wondering if you could play IAWA but use the RBH mechanics. I really like the IAWA setting, but I don't want to read a whole book just to learn a new system. How would you go about using RBH to play IAWA?


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    Hi James,

    Here is my advice : draw four oracles. Identify among the characters your monster and the other characters. Distribute characters among the players, creating them as usual. Also identify from the oracle your treasure. Even implied treasure are good (for a good advice on how to identify implied ressources in a IAWA oracle see this excellent post by Andy , perhaps you'll have to read the posts above to realy get the point).

    Then start the game. But remember that the PCs are not a party. Award the XPs only to the one who kills the monster or who ends the game with the treasure. Also award XP to a player who bring another PC to 0 hit point and change the ways of this character using the Mercy rules.

    Tell us when you played this game. I am realy interested.

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