I want my preview button back!!!

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Hey Andy! Did we lose the preview button in the April Fools' gag?


  • Nah, it was a little before that. Apparently SG was eating some peoples' posts and it was thought that the preview button was the culprit.

    Personally, I never had any problem with it. Occasionally if I wrote something up and then got distracted and wandered off to walk the dog or something before I posted, I'd get a "problem authenticating post" error, but everything I typed would still be in the box so all I had to do was hit the button again.

    I'd like to cast my vote for getting the preview button back, too. For some reason, I seem to lack the ability to proofread stuff in an edit box. I have to see it as an actual post before I notice all the misplaced commas, silly homophone errors, etc.

    Is it possible to have the preview button be a user option that's turned off by default?
  • Posted By: Ron HammackIs it possible to have the preview button be a user option that's turned off by default?
    Unfortunately, no (or if there is a way, I'm not skilled enough to program it to make it happen).

    Yeah, after going through a lot of posts where people mentioned that the site lost their post (since the server it's on isn't a $100/mo jobber, I paid for what I get, and slowness/occassional lags happen), the common culprit was that all those folks were using the Preview Post button. That element is a fan-made extension, and probably not thoroughly tested.

    The other thing that can sometimes happen is lag timeouts, but leaving the browser as-is and hitting "F5" usually connects and reposts your comment to the forum.

    Because of all that, I'd rather folks just post their comments, then go back and edit them if they need. If Preview Post is updated, then I'll probably reinstall it.

  • Andy, what version of the Preview Post Add-on were you using? The latest version is 1.4. And version 1.3 included "Fix for database error experienced by some users".
  • Chris, your link is pointing to another extension.

    The latest update for Preview Post was Nov. 13, 2007.
  • oops. brain fart! :o
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