[3:16] Masakra Wsród Gwiazd

So, Graham Walmsley interviewed me at Conpulsion in Edinburgh and asked me what my next published game would be. "Cantare, a fantasy game" I said. "So, what about 3:16?" Graham asked. "That's next after Cantare", I replied. I was sort of right...

Turns out that Poland beat me to it, though. (I have some Polish relatives, it's true, but I can't speak or read/write Polish myself.)

3:16 (in Polish) from Poltergeist is online. It's based on the 24-hour version but they might have put in newer stuff that I e-mailed to them.

Anyway, it's very cool to see it in Polish. I have a good idea what to do with the English version when I get to it, later this year.


  • Box Ninja ... we *are* the Polish company :P
  • And my junkie/ asg shooting friends even played it a few times. The english version I mean. They liked shooting hordes of aliens and giggling at someone's overkill narration.
  • The game is lovely in its 24hour version. We really look forward to the full one :-)

    We put your newer thoughts outside of the pdf (on the site you link to).
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