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So, I am running a boffer build workshop at Camp Nerdly. I had no intention of making use of them at Nerdly, save for the occasional run by clubbing. It was brought to my attention that a Build-then-Use 2 block session would be full of awesome. But, i have no experience, or desire to run the LARP part. So basically i'm looking for anyone who's interested in running a LARP, after the boffer build session.


  • If you're talking about a two-block session, why even run a "LARP"? You won't have very much time for any real plotting, let alone explaining a full system with all the trappings.

    Instead, I'd just rope off a sparring yard, or host a "tourney" with a Grand Melee finale. You could use a highly stripped down version of GLASS (glasscutters.org), with only Health and a handful of combat Abilities, and bang out a few generic pre-gen characters (based on likely fighting style for weapon types) and let them go. I'd be glad to help you with such Templates and Packages....
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    So there's no way to do limited LARPs, David? You can't have a handful of characters in a compelling situation that can resolve in a couple hours (with boffer combat as a conflict resolution recourse)? I mean, sure, it's not going to be epic, but that couldn't be fun? The only option is to just have a fight yard?

    That seems insane.
  • I love hosting and organizing tourneys. If I can get a body or two to stand up and volunteer to help me out with judging (I've never judged boffer before), then I'll totally do everything it takes to organize a good tourney.

  • Speaking from experiance, you can totally have a plot driven fully realized and resolved boffer larp "modual" that lasts like an hour or two (i'm used to them running only about an hour). It's totally fun. Way more than just hitting people and yelling a lot.
  • Posted By: RemiSo there's no way to do limited LARPs, David? You can't have a handful of characters in a compelling situation that can resolve in a couple hours (with boffer combat as a conflict resolution recourse)?
    That seems insane.
    Well, I wouldn't go around using the "I" word... you might be too-right, and I know where you live.

    But don't forget he's talking about doing a CRAFT session as well. Unless we're talking about Tubes O' Doom (i.e. crap, basic boffers), at least a third of that time will go to boffer making; hell, I've spent upwards of four hours on a boffer, with basket guard, hilt, pommel, blade effect (i.e. not just a tube), and some decorative taping. So take two hours for boffer making (or more), a half hour or so to explain safety rules and whatever special rules are in use (see GLASS), and then what? Character creation, maybe? Another hour... or use pre-gens.

    On the other hand, sure, OF COURSE you can run a module or line course in an hour or two, or setup some kind of pregnant situation that must end in blood ("Who shall rule, now that our chieftain is gone to the Hero's Halls?"). I was just offering Chiv an "easy out" for a situation which requires no GMing, after explaining the basics of hits, Health, and whatever Abilities one has. (I.E. Eric, there's really no need for a "judge" if the player's don't cheat--folks will fight until Unconscious--maybe 4 hits, depending on character write-ups or use of Armor/Natural Armor--and that's pretty clear-cut "win/loss" resolution, for a tourney.)

    And on the gripping hand... ever read about or been to an actual tourney? There could be all kinds of seeds for off-field conflict sown, in a set of pre-gens with conflicting relationships or objectives. Heck, just wrangling for the opponents that one wants could be a mini-game in itself.

    On the fourth hand, an "open melee" or fight yard format allows folks who wander up to jump right in and get some boffer action on; a character-driven LARP, with an emerging plot, creates a barrier to entry (say, for folks who want to play something else during the first half-session but want to whale on a friend or two when they're free for the second half-session).

    Or, you know, one could always grab some wonky Knudepunkt or experimental one-off and let boffer conflict be legal for play.... Or use a DitV Town... or whatever.

    So, no, far from insane, I am just suggesting a very scenery-light, GM-less, Exp-less, rules-light approach so that the focus of the session can be on the boffer making, not on some one-shot boffer LARP plot and management (and logistics, don't forget!). If you must have a "plot" and story, do it with a relationship map and conflicting goals and step away.

    [BTW, Kevin: did you do that fun module as a one-shot, or was it part of a larger, regular series of LARP events? Put differently, would you say the "fun" of the module came from pre-established, ongoing relationships with other characters (and players) or purely and totally because of the module? How much of the fun came from scenery, props, costuming, makeup, and other expensive or time-consuming elements?]
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    That sounds perfect. I know that you were all about doing a short-form boffer thing at the last few Nerdly's and it never came together for you. If you ran one this time , I'd be in it to win it (maybe AM Sunday or during one of the 'pauses' during a meal?).

    Yeah, I think you've pointed to a lot of things that don't require total commitment to costumes and long-term in-game relationships. That's what I was trying to get at. The thought of enforced 'plot' makes me ill. I need agency, dammit!
  • Thanks for the response all.
    I am clueless on the rulesets, but i'd be happy to help judge a tourney or some short form LARP.
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