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In past years, Story Games has been known to go pretty quiet during the work of the Iron Game Chef competition. Believe me, I know, I've been bored because of it in the past.

This year I'm doing Game Chef, but maybe you're not. If you're not, what awesome stuff are you doing while we're all busy trash talking and brewing up new games? This is fun at GenCon time, so let's try it now. Tell us about it!


  • Danielle and I are headed to Cancun for a week of Mayan ruins, seafood, and snorkeling.

    Were we not, I think my art choice would be Phillippe St. Gerard's submission. I've been daydreaming about snorkeling in the Quintana Roo for weeks, which has me also mulling the possibility of running Blue Planet this summer, so I think I know why his illustrations are really speaking to me at the moment...

    (and his line work is fantastic)

  • I did art for Game Chef, but I'm not doing design this year, because the last few years I haven't been able to finish my games because I often choose to tackle concepts that are too difficult. I think the feedback-intensive environment of Game Chef is great in so many ways, but nowadays I work better when I can focus on the task at hand and ask for feedback from a couple people at a time, so the recent Sound & Sight and Make Game$ Fast contests were much more productive for me. Hopefully another contest like those will pop up in a month or two and I'll throw down then.

    Today, I'm prepping for a band meeting. I recently acquired a zendrum, which is a MIDI drum controller shaped roughly like a guitar with a bunch of buttons on it. I have this massive set of drum sounds, thanks to this program called Battery 3, and I'm trying to put together a set of them to use in the band, but I'm new to all this, so it's taking a bit of fiddling. Can't wait to actually start playing for real, though.
  • I'm trying to play better and throw a lot more time into my local gamer meetup.
  • I'm supposedly in Game Chef, but being nigh noniconographic the art just doesn't inspire me to write anything. I might just write a game about Mike Weber's art and call it "Let's Take Drugs!" Love that guy.

    Anyhow, I'm gonna put a shit-ton of work into Grimstone, work on the TV pilot I'm assigned to, and get my recording studio set up since the final pieces are arriving. It's gonna be a goooood week! :D
  • Saturday evening is Passover!
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    I'll be making Legends of Alyria dice and watching O'neill Bell - Tomasz Adamek fight on tv.
  • It's funny, when I saw George Cotronis' art in the [Other Worlds] Looking fro Artists thread, I though... man... I want to make a game about these.

    Then I saw the stuff at Game Chef... and I thought... I want to make a game where the players run a a narrative for a prostitute trying to "get out." I actually thought of how several things would work on a mechanical level (stealing parts from another game I'm working on), and came up with a way that the story of her life would be told in a non-linear way through flashbacks, and all kinds of things.

    In the end, I decided not to do it. I just don't think I have the cohones to do Game Chef.
  • Oh... and to answer the original question... I'll be making websites.
  • Aw that sucks man, I was looking forward to your game.
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    Oh... well... Jonny '64 is still in the making. I've told myself that as soon as I finish my current client's website, I'm going to dedicate myself to finishing Darkest Dungeons. Then I'm going to make Jonny '64. The idea I had from your art was tentatively called "Hooker" and incorporated a lot of the things I've come up with for Jonny '64; primarily that there is one character that the players create collectively and work towards individual goals.

    In "Hooker," though, I thought it would be interesting to have the players create the character by taking turns, then telling a story that all took place in one night, but involved flashbacks from her life *before* she became a prostitute which would work towards strengthening her to be able to escape the life she's stuck in.

    The character accrues "Pain" in her 'real life', and "Hope" in her flashbacks. Gain enough Pain, and she suffers "Small Deaths." Each Small Death makes it more and more difficult to escape her life of substance abuse, physical abuse, and prostitution. The more Hope she gains, the easier it will be to escape.

    I wanted to tilt the game towards Pain and Small Deaths. Make it *really* difficult for her to escape. The point being a kind of "living in the shoes of someone else" scenario, where maybe the game shows that there's a reason that people who find themselves in bad situations often find it difficult, or even impossible to escape.

    As an example, to reduce her Pain, she could take drugs. It would remove Pain, but it would also reduce money and Hope (I was also thinking that she had to accrue a certain amount of money to be able to escape...). The exchange rate would seem attractive, though; something like, "remove 3 Pain and 1 hope."


    I know me...

    I'd never finish it in a week.

    Plus, I'm not sure it's something most people would *at all* be interested in playing :)
  • Posted By: lowbrowgamesI'll be making Legends of Alyria dice and watching O'neill Bell - Tomasz Adamek fight on tv.
    Awesome! Kamil, any chance you'll post pictures of the Alyria dice when they're done? Also - Clocks or Moons?
  • Hey Andy,

    Check out The Milkshake RPG. There are also a coupla threads about it here if you search.
  • He he.

    What I love about that is how it uses misogyny and humor to prove it's point. Well done! Who's the author?

    Mine is all grim and dark and hopeless... much like my weekends :)
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    I'm working on a new RPG called Retrograde.

    After the mass murders that swept the planet in the mid-eighties (perpetrated by masked psychotics, big-haired vampires in black leather, and slow-moving zombies in shopping malls), a shadow agency gathered up all of the teenagers who survived encounters with these horrific forces. The teens -- jocks, nerds, and virginal scream queens -- were placed in cryogenic stasis.

    Now, two decades later, the horror has returned, and those teenagers have been thawed out and turned loose. Armed with chainsaws, shotguns, denim jackets, and hoop earrings, they wage war against a new breed of horror: the Monstructs of Retrograde Technology.

    Music by Def Leppard. Okay, not really.

    Shooting for an 8/8/08 release date.
  • Even though I have been 'in the kitchen' as well, the final testing run-in for Duty & Honour continues unabated. Yesterday we started what I hope will be the final test session with my home group. Some of them were formative in the 'alpha' stage and knocked the rules into shape. Some of them have only ever seen the game a year ago in its very rough first stage. It was an interesting char gen session which highlighted a couple of areas that could do with a mention rather than full-blown attention in the rules. Little things. If I'm just getting little things now, I'm more than happy.

    I've got to finish off my 15 minute demo for D&H as well, sooner rather than later, in preperation for Games Expo at the end of May....

    I'm also planning on adding some more stuff to our PTA wiki as well this weekend, in preperation for our next session

    Oh and I start a foundation Further Education Teaching qualification course on Wednesday. I'm going to be a student again!!

    And our WoW guild finally got into Karazhan too.

    games games games a gogo!

  • I finished writing the most system-important parts of Misspent Youth over the weekend. I am kidless and have so much energy that I might finish up a second draft of MY and do Game Chef.
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