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Whose read it?

Who contributed?

Posted By: JuddThe very idea of a magazine done via lulu makes me slap my head and wonder why I didn't think of it sooner.

Fight On!makes me smile while slapping said head.

"A new magazine for fantasy roleplaying in a broadly old-school style. Features content by Jeff Rients, Paul Czege, Stefan Poag, Gabor Lux, James Maliszewski, Calithena, Andrew Reyes, and many more! Packed with monsters, magic, new rules and character options, four FULL adventures, and much much more! Come unlock your imagination, and keep Fighting On!"
Posted By: CalithenaHi all -

Thanks for the interest in Fight On! Judd, I picked lulu because it was easy, but I am starting to see some upsides there for a magazine publisher. Low risk/overhead as for any publisher, your stuff is out there for people to see and get easily, etc. The one downside is that if your magazine is small there's less of a margin for reasonable pricing, but since this is essentially a fanzine (the mag makes $1 or less per print copy, a lot of which gets rolled back in) that's not such a big deal for us.

Paul's article is definitely on the edge of the envelope where 'old school' is concerned, but my interpretation of 'old school' is actually pretty broad. Back in the seventies we didn't know everything people know today, and systems were limited and klugy, but the cool thing about it is that everyone would just roll their imagination into what was there and it could all kind of be played, table by table, according to people's preferences. There were indeed some wild west coast campaigns, sometimes influenced by Arduin, that got into the epic/psychedelic range that Paul's contribution was in, where the rules often kind of receded into the mirror (characters could do almost anything) and the play often became either about a kind of crazy one-upsmanship in terms of surreal effects or else about demigod-level...dare I say it...narrativism? Anyway, I don't know how many FO! readers are going to get or use Paul's contribution, but I know I did, and I think the magazine wouldn't serve its roots or its fanbase well if it didn't push the envelope with at least one or two articles an issue dealing with weird situations, rules mods, playstyle variants, and so on. I actually have a few more 'indie designers' in mind I'm going to contact or have already contacted to write things that I think would be useful at least to some in the 'old school' framework. So there you go.

If Story Games people have stuff they would like to submit - either old D&D notes from three-ring binders that they're not likely to use now, or newer, pushing the envelope type stuff that they think might be usefully ad hocced onto older style games, I encourage them to submit - . All our writers and artsts keep ownership and all other rights to their submissions, all Fight On! asks for is the right to publish the article/artwork in the version it's originally published in in the issue it's originally published in in perpetuity. (Judd, if you ever wanted to publish an old school version of some Mu's Bed stuff, just put it in the mail, I'd find a place for it.)

So anyway, thanks again to all you folks at Story Games for the interest, and Fight On!


  • either old D&D notes from three-ring binders that they're not likely to use now, or newer, pushing the envelope type stuff that they think might be usefully ad hocced onto older style games, I encourage them to submit

    Hey, Sean.

    I may do just that. Do you take new D&D notes, even if they aren't pushing the envelope? :D
  • Posted By: Calithena (Judd, if you ever wanted to publish an old school version of some Mu's Bed stuff, just put it in the mail, I'd find a place for it.)
    I feel like the writing I've done for Dictionary of Mu is finished. All future writing should be done by people who have played, writing entries that were created through play.

    But I just bought the first issue and I'll see if I've got anything for ya.
  • You know, it just never occurred to me to publish Targum Magazine via Lulu either. I'm gonna have to fix that in the coming days.

    As for Fight On! I bet there's a lot of folks over at EN World who would dig this mag. Have you announced it there already?
  • There's been some discussion at ENworld - actually, nice threads virtually everywhere on the internet except (so far, I'm sure that will change, no hurry either). Truth to tell, I'm kind of overwhelmed in a good way with the positive response to this venture. It's essentially an old-school fanzine - variable production values (though some quite high), different levels of contribution, etc. But it looks like a serious miniatures producer is going to co-sponsor an adventure contest with us, for publication and prizes (this is not final yet, but it seems 90% likely to happen, and it will be announced all over when everything's set); a couple famous people from the old days (names TBA, but you've heard of them) are submitting content or at least blessing others to create content for their games; and in general I think the amount of goodwill for this product has made me really happy. When I'm talking about it to you guys on Story Games and I know that both Dave Arneson and Mike Mearls have shown some interest, I feel like we must be doing something right. :-)

    Ben, we'd love to have your stuff, old or new, and no need to push any envelopes.

    Here's the table of contents for the first issue:
    Dedication to Gary Gygax………………………...…..1
    The Devil’s in the Details (Kesher)….……………........3
    The Swanmay (Calithena)…...………………………....4
    Flexible Sorcery (Jeff Reints & co.)……………………4
    The Ruined Monastery (James Maliszewski)……….…..7
    The Tomb Complex of Ymmu M’Kursa (Gabor Lux).12
    Setting up your Sandbox (Calithena)………...………..16
    Puissant Priestly Powers (Santiago Luis Oría)………...19
    Enchanted Holy Symbols (Jeff Reints)……………….20
    Nature’s Nasty Node (Makofan)……………………..20
    The Space Wizards (Paul Czege)……………………..23
    Creepies & Crawlies (Andrew Reyes & Jeff Rients)…..26
    In the Time of the Broken Kingdom (Iggy Ümlaut)….28
    Artifacts, Adjuncts, and Oddments (various)……...…30

    Index of Illustrations & Cartography: cover art by Andrew Reyes; Fight On! logo by Jeff Reints. Gary Gygax photo by Rhuvein. Interior art by Santiago Luis “Zulgyan” Oría (2, 30), Kesher (3), Andrew Reyes (5, 24, 26), James Maliszewski (8), Stefan Poag (11,14), Gabor Lux (12), Calithena (17), Tomás Banzas “Germille” Illa (22, 25), Coffee (29). We also used public domain art from (19, 20) and (27).
  • My copy showed up a few days ago, and I haven't got a chance to look through it in detail, but its a nice looking magazine, and just on a flip through I'm loving the vibe. Anything involving Tunnel Wolves gets my vote!
  • Is Fight On! D&D-specific? The description on Lulu is a little unclear.
  • I get the impression from the Fight On! discussion boards that it's meant to be very largely, but not exclusively, devoted to OD&D, and more broadly to games of that era and general vibe, but maybe I'm mistaken.
  • I've ordered a copy already, but it hasn't arrived yet.
  • The magazine is not specifically devoted to original D&D or any other single game. Our main subject is old-school fantasy gaming, but that's a pretty broad category. That said, a lot of the meat and potatoes of the magazine are adventures, wilderness areas, magic items, monsters, spells, and similar sorts of things. We write things up in a way that is broadly compatible with a large number of games,the following with little to no conversion work: Arduin, Castles & Crusades, original/brown book D&D, holmes/moldvay/mentzer/allston D&D, Empire of the Petal Throne, Thieves' Guild, Warlock, just to name a few. However, there are also a certain number of system-neutral and add-on-mechanics type articles. We're more about the ideas and the DIY than the mechanical presentation, in the end. But if you're looking for the content to be directly gameable out of the book you'll do better if you're playing an 'old school fantasy' sort of system, or can easily convert out of one.

    We also accept articles (especially adventures) for Empire of the Petal Throne, Mazes & Minotaurs (original and revised), Encounter Critical, and Forward: to Adventure!, all with the blessing of those games' authors and publishers. If you want to write for another old-school fantasy game or give permission for us to use yours, just let us know: I can try to contact principals on your behalf if the article proposal sounds interesting enough.
  • OSRIC is a current system that would be a good fit for FO!
  • Yes indeedy.
  • I got my copy last night and I've already read most of it. The adventures are spot on. I love to see how different people make adventures. It says a lot about play styles and ways to use the rules. The adventures are quite diverse and interesting.
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